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The trouble with a sweet tooth [Open to all]


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The slight scuff of slippers and the swish of skirts could be heard down an empty corridor. It sounded hurried, but in a way as to not make too much noise. Sneaking, if you wish. It was as if someone had done something wrong, such as perhaps stolen something from under another's nose, and was trying to flee the scene unnoticed. In fact, that's exactly the case.


An Accepted's dress swerved around a corner and scurried down the hall. Wearing said dress was a tall brown-skinned girl with her dark hair in two neatly woven braids. Her willowy arms were wrapped around a mysterious package and her eyes darted, making sure no one was near. Melianna Hollmen didn't usually sneak around or put this much physical effort into something that wasn't made with the One Power, such as a ter'angreal. Anyone who knew her even in the slightest would consider this out of character for her. The Melianna the world knew daydreamed constantly and spent her time researching Power-wrought items in the library.


But when one gets a sugar craving, all sense of logic in the world stops until it's satisfied. The mysterious happens to be a warm pie. Wildberry to be precise, with a honey glaze on the crust. The smell of it filled Meli's senses and her mouth watered as she took the long way around the Tower into a secluded part of the gardens. Just as she rounded the last corner, she bumped into someone, knocking her flat on her bottom with pie plopped right in her lap. She was in shock, so scared that she had perhaps bumped into an Aes Sedai who would punish her for both running into her and for stealing a pie.


Melianna Hollmen



OOC: Anyone can hop in, and as many people can join in as they like. I'm just trying to get back into things after....5 months. >.>

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(OOC: The only thing I can say is ... LOL)


Wilemi walked down the corridors, engrossed in a book regarding the One Power.  Research on this field was limited to her, at least, she hoped she would have more freedom once she gained the Accepted's banded hem on her skirts.  But no one said that she could not read up on it whenever she had some spare bit of free time.  And so Wilemi, having borrowed the book out of the library like so many other books, as the Brown Aes Sedai now recognized her familiar face and trusted her with the less precious books in their care.


It was as such that on this fine day, with the sun shining in through windows, that Wilemi had once again left the library, and was trodding down those familiar steps back to her room to really study the book and dredge whatever information she could find out from it.  But now she was just rapidly turning the pages, scanning them and filing away general meanings for now, in the hope that she could find something useful later to study.


So engrossed she was in her scanning that she collided with someone.  The book she held flew in her hand and fell down with a bump on the floor.  Rubbing her head, she shook it and tried to clear her eyesight.  When her vision focused, she jumped backwards in horror.  She had bumped into one of the Accepted!  Wilemi curtsied hurridly with a stifled squeak, hoping that the Accepted would not think that it was on purpose that she had collided with her.


A delicious smell however, wafted into her nose as she lifted her head.  She smelt pie.  Freshly baked, honey coated pie.  Her nose twitched and her mouth almost started to water with longing before she controlled herself as she tried not to stare at the pie that was sitting right in the middle of an Accepted's lap.  A guiltily looking Accepted for that matter.


Wilemi's mouth twitched slightly.


Wilemi Kailadel

Scholar of the Five

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Just needing some alone time after a rather harsh day Venca was walking the corridors as was her habit now when she was angry, or even when she just needed to think. This day had been in particularly bad for her in that she had been sent to the Mistress of Novices again. Like it was her fault that she had to curtsy for everyone she had seen and that had caused her to be later for a class.


Even so one did not openly argue with Aes Sedai so here she was just walking around in the more out of the way parts of the Tower when to her surprise she hear soft hurried footsteps not far away. She had walked these particular corridors many time and hadn't seen anyone during those times so, she decided to investigate.


Speeding up catch up with her prey it wasn't long before she started seeing a dress going around corners just ahead of her. Around the same time she started seeing the girl disappearing around the corner Venca started smelling a wonderful smell curiously like pie. With a watering mouth Venca approached the next corner when she heard a slight squeak and something hitting the floor.


Walking around the corner a few moments later Venca nearly laughed when she seen the guilty looking Accepted with a pie in her lap, and a slightly amused Novice standing over her. Recognizing Melianna, Venca's smile got even bigger because this girl to her knowledge had never done anything wrong before and it was nice to know the girl had spirit about her.


Stepping fully into their line of sight Venca smiled and said, "Well girls what kind of trouble have we gotten ourselves into now, because lets be honest, if an Aes Sedai walks up right now, we are all in trouble"


Venca Konora


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OOC: Meep, sorry guys!




Gaining her bearings, she gathered the courage to finally look to see who she ran into. She sighed in relief when she saw it was just a novice. In fact, it was a novice she had occasionally seen in the library. She stifled a giggle as she noticed the girl staring at the pie wrapped in her arms. So she wasn't the only one with a slight weakness for pie.


"Well girls what kind of trouble have we gotten ourselves into now, because lets be honest, if an Aes Sedai walks up right now, we are all in trouble"


She turned around to see another novice come just around the corner she had just come from. She was smirking at her and the other novice. Melianna picked herself up and stood to her full height. "Why yes, we certainly all would be. And I don't suppose I could tell you two to just run along or you'll report me, so I suppose you're going to want to help me share, right?" She winked at the girls and began wandering down the hall, fully expecting both to follow like good little novices.



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