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If you could design a ter'angreal for our world

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If you could design a ter'angreal to use not in Randland, but in our world, what kind of ter'angreal would you make?


I would make a weight loss ter'angreal. All you would have to do is hold it while you do just one workout, and you can lose as much weight as you desire during that time. Just think, if you want to lose 20 pounds before your class reunion, you only have to use the ter'angreal the night before to accomplish what you want. No diets or anything! :)

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I would have a terangreal that would allow perfect transformation of the physical form right down to the genetic level allowing you to change any single aspect or the whole body at any time to any other form. No pain, no strain and instantaneous. Nothing physically imagined is offlimits, however, to change size you would need to either consume matter/energy or expel it...perhaps expend heat or energy when shrinking. That would take care of weightloss and any physical imperfections we all have.

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rofl, well I really like the music one, but I'd ahve to add that it makes it looka s if you're going through a music video ;) and as for the form change one, you'd often find me as one of three animals other than my normal self: wolf, owl, or eagle.


but I'd like ony where you can enter any book and you can either become a character already in there or a completely new character. you also wouldn't have to follow what was written, kinda make it your own creation.I've alwasy wanted to be able to do that! :D :D :D :D :D

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I'd make one that brainwashes warring/angry people into liking one another.


Either that, or it'd bop the entire Middle East over the head with a Huge Wet noodle until it just gave up and begged for mercy, thereby causing everyone to ceasefire and life to go on.


Oh! And I'd make one that made my curly hair straight when I wanted it to be straight. I'm hopeless with a straighteneing iron!

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In Australia at the moment, we could really do with a bowl of winds - we have a major drought happening, and we could do with some nice even rainfall, say a few hours each day for the next six months to a year?? And then to channel some heavy rain specifically to the bushfires when the summer comes...



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