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A few question about RP here


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Hello everyone!


I'm new, and thinking about role playing, as a novice.


I do have a few questions though, one is could I RP in first person?


I ask because, I am much more comfortable with first person, it’s how I write all my short stories.


If not that’s fine.


Next question, do I have to have a clear story line I want to play?


Other than being a sulky novice that didn’t really want to come to WT, really likes boys and wants to be apprenticed to a jeweler, I haven’t got any ideas.


Where do you all find your photo’s for your character?


I have read the time line and I know that this is a portal world, has the split in the WT happened here to? Will it?


I think that’s all the questions I have for now.


Thanks, Opal.



Thought of one more, I have an idea of my novice coming to Tar Valon with her four sisters, but only she passes the test, can I RP all of the sisters?

They will only be around for a very short time.

Or would someone else have to do the seperate sisters?

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