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Already there, duder.




That would be Buckhead. The Chattahoochee spilled over its banks yesterday and was lapping at the road next to my house. Thank god I live on high ground.

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I woke up to that morning after dreaming that Semi had me Compulsioned up to the eyeballs, was kidnapping me, and I was utterly powerless to stop her.


Crazy morning. The red was definately the most awesome thing I've ever woken up to!

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I started a group called 'I survived the Red Death'.  ;D


Actually i woke up thinking my neighbours house was on fire. Brilliant red light through your window does that to you.

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I took the dogs for a walk at 530ish, and it was like I was on Mars. I could actually see the dust gusting down my road l;ike it was rain!


And today its freezing, and its supposed to rain again!

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I was in Canberra over the NSW long weekend. I havn't been that cold in a while!



El Nino is playing havok with our weather.


That being said, the air conditioning in the back office of my work always massively overcompensates for whatever the weather is doing outside. So today its probably 15 degree's out there, whilst in here it is no joke 30+.


Damnded center management, putting the thermo on the roof!

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