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Code Names and You (An Open discussion)


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In the past, the use of code names to distinguish between the various divisions within each corps was commonplace, with a set code name for the PCs, as well as some for the NPCs and the older characters that were promoted beyond having any use for them.  The way the code names worked was something of a tiered system.


The first part of the code name was the corps name (Infantry, Cavalry, et cetera).  This was to designate who you belonged to in the Band.  Each corps is led by a captain general.


After this came the battalion name, which was usually some sort of weather phenomenon (Tornado battalion, Hail battalion, etc.)  This is the largest division of the Band's corps, with anywhere from 1500 to 2000 soldiers, and is led by a banner captain.


(A company would fall in right here, which would be made up of four platoons, or 200 soldiers, and led by a captain.  This was never implemented in the code name system, but it is something that I might consider doing if the code names go back into play.)


Then came the platoon name, named for some sort of animal.  The platoon consists of 50 soldiers led by a sergeant.


Finally, the squad name, which was a color.  A squad is made up of 10 members led by a corporal.


My question to you is this: is there any interest in reviving the code names for use in distinguishing where a character fits into the grand scheme of things?


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Got to admit it never bothered me what the name of the unit was that Amon belonged to.......aside from killing the enemy and bringing wrath and ruin on them , Amon never gave much thought to the rest of it.


However, OOC wise, it does help foster a sense of belonging to an "elite" unit which i know a lot of ppl like.


Amon (Tik Tik) Turamber


Under Commander, Band of the Red Hand

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Thunder Battalion

Lion Platoon

Silver Squad



Hurricane Battalion

Bear Platoon

Bronze Squad



Echo Battalion

Fox Platoon

Green Squad



Lightning Battalion

Goshawk Platoon

Gold Squad



Rain Battalion

Dog Platoon

Blue Squad



Wow, that took forever to find.  Anyhoo, that's what we have right now.  I'm thinking that the colors should be changed to a different level because of some issues with the number of squads that there will be (and who wants to be part of Mauve or Puce Squads?)  Also in question is whether any of the existing names should be changed.

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Wow it’s been forever since I’ve seen those names.  I liked them when they first came out, though I might be partial since I came up with the system.


But new is good!  Change always seems to help give a fresh look at things.  That was the spirit behind the code names anyway, it was to give some distinction and add some depth for the player’s characters.  Though most importantly it was different from the system before and it was fun.


So, I’m all for whatever is fun!




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