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While the bosses speak ...

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OOC: No problem love :) *snuggles Jehaine all better*  :-*




Raslyn forced her hands to unclench on her shawl when Martyn mentioned the differences between how Asha'men and Aes Sedai bond. She'd heard rumours of how they bonded their Aes Sedai and had, until today, dismissed them as horrific trouble-stirring rumours. Now, after witnessing the chaos, she was certainly grateful that she wasn't going to be the one Bonded....but did he know that she was going to be the one in charge? She thought she'd best make that clear, just in case...she'd never been kissed and certainly wasn't going to start now!


Clearing her throat would possibly make her sound uneasy or uncomfortable but was far better than having a croaky voice in her opinion, so she cleared the lump in her throat as delicately as possible before speaking.


"I shall Bond you as my Warder." she said, before hastily adding, "You needn't do anything special." She emphasised the last word so he would hopefully get the hint and not try and kiss her.


Once she was sure he'd got the message, she opened herself to Saidar, though before she actually embraced it she eyed the room and spoke aloud. "I am about to embrace Saidar - just in case some of you get jumpy!" She eyed those Asha'man paying attention with a stern look which promised much worse than what Larindhra had given if they so much as twitched in her direction, and then proceeded to let the sweetness of Saidar flow through her.


Replacing her stern look with a smile, which was much easier with Saidar coursing through her, she stepped closer to Martyn and spoke gently. "I will begin the Bonding weave now." Putting the words into action, she wove the complex weave, a slight frown of concentration marring her features, and placed them over Martyn's head. Watching them sink in she anxiously studied Martyn's cold expression for any response as she suddenly felt a cold distant knot form inside her head.



Not sure what happens next...

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- "Excellent."


Martyn knelt in front of the Aes Sedai. It was fortunate that she was going to be the one holding the Bond, he still considered himself a married man after all, and had no intention of breaking his marriage vows on the off chance his wife may be dead. He smirked as the Bonding weave hit him, having a sudden mental image of Masura saying she'd be waiting on his return. Words fifty years old, and he could still find peace in them... It was strange, the way the mind worked.


In the meantime, he could feel... something, a presence of sorts in the back of his mind. Focusing on it, he probed it a little, sensing some feelings of anxiety before slipping back into the Void. From what he could tell, the weave was completed, and he got back up to look Raslyn in the face again.


- "Would it be better if i were to remain in the Void so we can slowly get used to each other's... presence, or would you prefer a faster approach?"


He could feel them, the emotions outside of the Void, both his and Raslyn's. She was anxious, but he couldn't tell whether it was him or the mood in the room in general, he generally couldn't read a woman's face as much as he'd like to. His hands itched for the Forms to help clear his mind, but he chose to ignore it. Drawing a sword in this room and he might as well start to channel.




Doesn't know either, but defers to his Aes Sedai

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Daevis watched quietly from the corner he was leaning against as everyone began to pair off.  It didn't go quite so smoothly as he would have thought.  The vaunted Aes Sedai serenity seemed to have been left somewhere in the Amyrlin's office, and the results would have been downright funny if he hadn't been looking at the same fate himself. 


Despite the difficulties the bondings went quickly, until only himself and Storm Leader Arath remained unbonded among the Asha'man.  With a resigned sigh, Daevis stepped forward, drawing the eyes of the Aes Sedai.


"I suppose I'm next," he said in his usual gruff tone.  "But I warn you, the first one of you to even think of getting violent with me will sorely regret it."  More than one pair of eyes narrowed at that.  He doubted any of them liked being threatened in their own Tower, even if it was only a threat of retribution.  They would simply have to get used to it. 

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Geirrin’s vision was still blurry and his wits were slow to return leaving him completely unaware that the Aes Sedai had approached him.  Even the goose bumps on his arms failed to rouse him from his stupor. 


"Well, nothing much wrong with you that a few days rest won't take care of. You be sure not to try channelling for a day at least, yes? Oh yes - would you accept being Bonded by me, child?"


The Aes Sedai’s words fell on nearly deaf ears.  It was as if she was speaking with a hand covering her mouth.  Geirrin’s backside still ached and his head rang like a bell that was being furiously pounded upon to warn a ship’s crew of a fire on board. 


His eyes began to focus on the olive-skinned Aes Sedai who stood there staring up at him expectantly as if awaiting an answer.  What had the bloody woman said?  For some reason he thought she appeared motherly at that instant.  Hadn’t this woman just paddled his backside mere moments ago?  He thought furiously which only made his head hurt more.  Something about rest and taking care came to mind.


“I…Yes I will”  Yes I will rest, rest would be good, he thought.  He would rest, after consuming as much ale as he could get his hands on.  Geirrin’s wits were still dull enough that he barely flinched when she reached for his head again.



Larindhra was surprised that the boy actually agreed so easily, but she firmly believed in striking while the iron was hot, so took his head in her hands again. The Bonding Weave used only Spirit, but it was one of the most complicated Weaves known to Aes Sedai. That flaming Zarinen had insisted that the Sitters all learn it, though, so slowly and carefully she laid it over the boy blinking uncertainly at her.


The last intricate little pattern formed, she allowed the Weave to sink into him. There was a moment of dizziness, followed by ... she could feel him. In her head. Somewhere in one corner, nestled a part that was alien. A man who could channel. Larindhra gulped and tried to suppress a shudder. His head hurt as if it had been pounded by a Trolloc, and he seemed ... wispy. As if he was going to pass out any second.


Her head started to pound as if in sympathy with his. This was ... frightening! And flaming inconvenient too. Quickly she gathered different elements and formed the Healing Weave. She wasn't very good at Healing, but a headache was well within her abilities. She sighed with relief as the twin pounding in her head subsided to one. She could deal with her own pain, but his too? She did not like that! Oh Light ... there was so much about this Bonding thing they knew nothing about!


Larindhra stared at the boy, uncertain as to what to do or say. "Uhm ... are you feeling better? Would you like to sit down? Here, have a bit of tea and some cookies!" Knowing she was babbling, but somehow unable to stop herself, she guided him to a chair and rushed through the door leading to Raslyn's office. She knew the Keeper always had some cookies in the second drawer of her desk. Snatching some out, she hastened back to where her ... Warder ... was still sitting with his mouth hanging open, and offered them to him. "I should have gotten a plate. Sorry." Taking a deep breath, Larindhra tried to gather her scattered wits. "Oh! The tea! I'll be right back."



Again Geirrin’s skin tingled and suddenly something felt different.  Yes, there it was in the back of his head.  Geirrin looked down at the Aes Sedai in consternation; the look was plastered on his face for all to see.  He probed that knot in the back of his head.  That was what was different. 


Geirrin was still probing that corner of his mind when he felt a chill run through him.  He shivered as if a wave had crashed over the gunwale bathing him in icy cold water.  Geirrin looked down at the Aes Sedai. He could feel her]!  What under the Light had just happened?  “What” he tried to speak but she spoke right over him.  "Uhm ... are you feeling better? Would you like to sit down? Here, have a bit of tea and some cookies!"


Geirrin was too dumbfounded to speak or resist so he let himself be led to a chair.  In what seemed the blink of an eye the Aes Sedai was gone from the room.  He looked about the room but could not focus on anything.  He still probed that corner of his mind.  It was amazing and unnerving all at the same time.  What had they gotten him into!


The Aes Sedai returned, not just any Aes Sedai but his Aes Sedai.  Bloody fish guts, he was bonded to her!  As sure as water was wet, he was now a Warder.  Her words fell on deaf ears again as he desperately thought of a way out of this mess.  He knew nothing about being a Warder.  He knew nothing of the bond.  Could she feel him?  Could she read his mind?  Bloody ashes…she had used Saidar on him!


His Aes Sedai returned and he accepted the cup of tea uttering a word of thanks.  He sipped the tea wishing that she had brought him whiskey instead.  Geirrin was trying to make sense of it all but it still seemed unnatural, like a ship trying to sail into the wind.  “Now what?”  He asked softly looking up at his Aes Sedai.  Light he didn’t even know her name. 



“Now what?” 


Larindhra didn’t have a clue. What where they supposed to do now? She looked around the room, seeing awkward groups, mostly of paired Aes Sedai and Asha’man, and almost all looking as dumbfounded as she felt. Raslyn and the man with her seemed the calmest of them all, though they certainly weren’t relaxed. Apart from the one leader who had indicated he wasn’t about to be Bonded, there was only two other men standing by themselves.


Right at that moment, one of them stepped forward and announced his availability. Larindhra sniffed and stared down her nose at him. Such insolence! She looked at the other boy. Wasn’t he the one who had … done something to her? In retrospect, she thought he had tried to Heal her. Probably not the wisest thing to do right at that moment, but at least he had been trying to be helpful. Well, she had given that vow to flaming Zarinen – no way around that.


Sighing at her own foolish bravado, she patted … “What is your name, boy? I’m Larindhra Reyne, Mistress of … I mean Sitter of the Red Ajah.”


He blinked at her uncertainly, then muttered “Geirrin. Geirrin Hale.”


“Well, you just sit here and drink your tea, Geirrin. I’ll be right back.”  She patted him absentmindedly on the back, then walked over to the young boy hovering against one wall. She essayed a soothing and motherly smile at him – one she had always used to great effect on novices. “Would you be willing to be Bonded by me?” Belatedly she added. “My name is Larindhra Reyne.”



Geirrin Hale

Larindhra Reyne

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The Void? What in the light is the Void? Raslyn thought as she tried to regain some semblance of calm and poise. She patted her bun in an absentminded gesture of self-assurance and spoke, "I..I don't know what would be best." Her brow creased as she admitted her ignorance and she tried to recover some sense of authority. Raslyn realised suddenly that she wouldn't know if he was in the Void or not, not knowing what it was he spoke about nor having anything to compare it to..and she certainly wasn't going to begin this charade by asking him to explain! Maybe she'd enquire discreetly of her Sisters later, but not now.


Putting some command into her voice she added "Best you release the Void and then we know where we stand. Agree?" The last word had a both a tinge of an order and a question in it... Raslyn disliked not knowing things and disliked this situation even less. She would have preferred to study a little beforehand, then maybe she wouldn't feel like a fish out of water now!


Taking a deep breath she watched Martyn anxiously and focused on the feelings inside her mind for an indication that he was releasing this Void.



Needing explanation but refusing to ask...

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I'm putting the final RP in this thread up now, so that everyone can move ahead.

Those who have yet to Bond can do so after this post - I will delete it and repost after everyone has done.





An awkward silence descended, though tension fizzed around the room as bondmates regarded each other with wariness at best, and open hostility in some cases. What a nightmare! Zarinen glanced at Covai. His jaw felt tender. The man's flaming jaw is flaming hurting! And I can feel it ... She suppressed a shudder.


"So what do we do now?" Zarinen glanced around to see who had uttered the words that were probably on everyone's lips, but the voice had been so strangled she couldn't identify who had spoken them. She looked to Shevara for guidance, but the Amyrlin seemed to be having her own trouble adjusting to what had just happened. I'm the only one of us who has some experience with this. I'm the Highest, for Light's sake! Come on, Zarinen - gather your scattered wits and do your job!


It would be best to separate the two groups, for now. As she recalled, the intensity of the feelings through the Bond lessened somewhat with distance, and the Light knew she would find it easier to think without that flaming man standing right here, scrambling her brains.


"Perhaps you gentleman would care to have something to drink and maybe a bite to eat? We could have the Tower servants prepare and bring something here ..." There were visible shudders from some of the black coated men, and a skittery feeling from Covai. "However, there is an Inn in the city which is quite adequate, and more importantly, you won't find an Aes Sedai from other Ajahs frequenting it."


No need to tell them that it was because everyone knew the place was reserved for the Red Ajah. It would be easy to keep her Reds away from there for the next few days. Light, it would probably take a direct order and threat of dire consequences to make any Red go near the place, once today's happenings had been explained to them!


"There are enough rooms for all your men there, unless you have brought more with you than are in this room?" Covai shook his head in negation. "Well then perhaps it would be best if you all stayed there until we can sort matters out."


What were they going to do? They would have to stick close to these men in order to influence and restrain them, but obviously they couldn't be kept to the White Tower indefinitely. Drat ... she really should have thought this through a bit more before doing the deed. But then, when she had proposed the idea this morning, she had thought there would still be months in which to plan before they reached this point!


Someone would have to accompany them there, or the very loyal innkeeper would politely show them the door. That last thing they needed right now was a huge commotion clearly involving Asha'man ... in fact, the quieter this whole matter was kept, the better. She would have a word with the Reds later, but for now she had to get these men out of here before the tension boiled over. She debated taking them there herself, but her Sisters needed her guidance right now. She considered each of the women in the room, focussing at last on Jasmyne, who still seemed the most composed of everyone. "Sister, if you would see them settled in? Ask Master Jerome to put it on our account, and please give him my personal thanks for taking care of our special guests." That would ensure that the man would be even more discreet than usual.


A pity Jasmyne wasn't strong enough in Spirit to make a Gateway. Apart from Zarinen herself, only Jagen, in this group, was able to. By the wild look in the woman's eye, though, she was likely to cut an Asha'man in half with the Weave. Suppressing a sigh, Zarinen prepared to make one herself. The moment she started to form the Weave, several of the men jerked to attention, looking around wildly and rubbing their arms, of all things. A feeling of alertness immediately came through the bond from Covai, too. Interesting! How on earth had they known? The tension in the room rose to breaking point, and Zarinen hastly turned a reassuring smile to Covai.


"You must all be weary, yes? I'm sure you would much rather Travel directly to the Inn, rather than traipse through the halls of the Tower, amongst all the Aes Sedai who will be about at this hour?" Making sure she opened the Gateway in an empty corner of the room, Zarinen motioned to Jasmyne to lead the men through into the stall that was set aside for this exact purpose. She caught Covai's sleeve as he prepared to step through, and murmured to him in a low voice.


"Until we get a chance to discuss this, and explain matters to the rest of the Tower, we would appreciate it if you and your men were ... discreet?" She really shouldn't have hit him, earlier - that was no way to go about manipulating a man to do your bidding. Tilting her eyes up at him with a winsome smile, she concentrated on calming her emotions.



Zarinen Rafaliva

Highest of the Red Ajah

Domani Seduction Techniques 101 - Failed

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OOC Announcement:


Due to Jaydena leaving DM and Covai going inactive, it will henceforth be RPed that instead of Covai bonding Zarinen and Arath bonding Jaydena, Arath Bonded Zarinen and neither Covai nor Jaydena bonded anyone.

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