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Logic Puzzles in the White Ajah!

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Happy September everyone!


New logic puzzles have been posted in the White Ajah for everyone to give thier minds a bit of a workout, whirl and just plain fun! (not responsible for any headaches though!)


This month we have the Classic logic puzzle of Einstien's Problem, that gives us the form of the Zebra Logic Puzzle, one of the most common logic puzzles!


There is also the challenge of the Knight and the Knave puzzler!  Who is lying and who is telling the truth?  Is someone Normal?  You will have to figure it out!  LOL!


And last but not easiest..is the Induction Logic Puzzle, Josephine's Problem also known as the Cheating Husbands!


Everyone is invited to play!  Feel free to post if you are stuck, have questions or even your results if you wish!  Hopefully others will be around to challenge your answer or answer your questions!


Answers will be posted at the end of September!


Good Luck!  :D

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