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Planning SG RPs


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Now, keep in mind that there's been a few RPs out there that have been planned (I believe Dash was in one of them), that simply never got past that stage.


If you want to come and post an RP outline here, (assuming you want SG members in your RP), whether it be a reclamation effort of Kandor, or your character being turned to the Dark Side of the Force, (I mean the dark side of the channely-ness thing) try and plot it out here, whilst you're still planning it out, to gauge interest, and find out who wants to be in it, and see if you can build a better RP to get approved.


So, in any case, if you're interested in RPing with SG, but you don't have a outline worked out yet, and want to see who might be in it, just post here, and we'll round up some members to RP!

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dude I can't be anymore active in SG than I already am.


RPs I'm in:


Stage 1 of rebuilding after BoE devistation

Getting Angelica to the Ranch

A side from another division is getting Seia the basics of DF training to send her to the Ranch


Ones starting:


Asmo undercover at the Ranch

Demus' increasing his WS with Cari as an instructor


I may be slow in posting but I don't think I can be more active :P



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I'm more then happy to plan an rp wust need some idea of with someone, I just need some idea of what they like and where they want to go. If anyone wants to do something with a roving rather well versed Dark Friend, tell me where you are now in your travels and I can work with you to find something fun to do.

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