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Welcome Narina to the BT


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Well it isn't a very interesting story. I just wanted a name that starts with an N because I thought that would make an interesting name. And then I just randomly thought of Narina. I actually thought of Narina at the same time I thought of my old last name Menderlin. *shrugs*


Whats the difference between the light and dark??

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Dsage is sot anything yet, but you may guess where he wants to go  ::) And Merlot is Shadow too.


Of course they think they have no rules, but I let them think that ;)


The isn't much difference. At least not here. The Shadow have an internal ranking system, which is used only within the shadow faction. They are the ones that, obviously, support the Dark One. The Light Faction are for the Light, obvious again I know. The Lights are the ones that are the heroic ones fighting for the Light, but do crazy things which are blamed on the taint. The shadow don't have that excuse as the DO provides them taint free saidin. however they don't have access to the true source unless the DO says so, and thye have to ask permission before using it in an OP fight! (which could result in their death)


Here the Shadow is run by TMD, and the Light by Eclipse (and me). You start off as a civie first and during that time you can interact with those in the different factions. Once you are a soldier you can choose the faction you wish to join. You dodn't have to choose straight away you can take as long as you like. I think some Bribery usually goes on, lol.


I'm sure all those in a faction will come and tell you which is best. We are hoping to have an OP fight between factions soon, just looking for one more lightie to join in. If you are a Civie and wish to join in any faction competitions, you can always choose who you would like to play along side. That doesn't mean you will join them, if there are number you may wish to play one with the shadows and one with the Lights. Of course first come will be to those actually in the factions, and you will soon get your chance.


I hope that answers your question. Please ask anything.



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