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Sitting in my underwear eating pie

Toy and Minion

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Key lime pie.  Though not really Key lime pie, or so my older sister tells me.  She loves key lime pie, but says it doesn't taste like it.  *shrugs*  Pretty good to me, regardless.  Not a fan of lime, but I like this well enough.




What do YOU do in your underwear? O.o

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You should try it sometime. :P




I sleep.  That is all.  I live a very boring and tame lifestyle, avoiding the type of risky behavior that seems to be fun to you, who eats pie in his underwear.  That is such a scary thing to do. ;)

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You were close.


And I have a hard time remembering that word sometimes, too.


I always want to say "Homonym" or "Homophone" or something, even though that's not even close-sounding to the actual word.  Closer in meaning than "paladin," though. :P

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