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Prank on YOU!


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Rodrik watched his target carefully. She walked down the path in the middle of the Yards, and passed by him, where it seemed he was practicing his Forms. But in reality, he was laying out a plan for the Tower Guard. “It’ll teach her to give me useless chores. I didn’t plan to hit her with the stick, she just got in my way!†He spoke quietly to himself, reassuring his soul that it was a just thing that he was about to do.


He had been spying on Dene for three days now, watching almost everything she did. All in hopes of finding a way to prank her. To embarrass her in front of the MoT and maybe even the Master of Arms. He’d studied her for three days, and for three days straight, she had done the exact same thing. A visit to the stables, and an hour or two riding her horse.


He put his blade down and sheathed it quickly. He put his shirt back on, and headed to the stables. A thought had just popped into his head. This idea, he believed, had the potential to become very interesting. He moved quickly and walked down the path in the center of the Yards. Luckily, Dene wasn’t going to go riding at the moment, and he had time to conceive his plan.


He reached the stables, and pushed open the door. The combined smells of horse, manure, and hay were enough to remind him of his home. Just like the old days, when he was working with the horses, and feeding them and cleaning up after them. That was where his idea had come from. He walked to Thunder’s stall, and entered, giving the stallion an oat bag. He gathered the materials he would need for his prank. A bucket, a shovel, and the key to the compartment holding the saddles. And the final ingredient, he would have to wait on Thunder for. He guessed it would take the horse half an hour to an hour for the oats to digest. Then he would have his prank.


In the meantime, though, while he was waiting, he would get the saddle. He walked to the saddle closet and unlocked the door. He opened it, and went through the saddles until he found the one he wanted. Dene’s saddle. He grabbed it, and looked carefully to see if anybody was watching. He moved quickly to Dene’s horse’s stall and entered quietly. He fed the beast some oats as well, to calm it down. He then proceeded to saddle her mount. He already knew what would happen. She would come in and see her horse saddled. She would assume that one of the attendants had done it for her. And then she would mount up and sit on the saddle, which would be covered by plenty of horse manure. Speaking of which, he had better get back to Thunder.


He moved back to his own horse’s stall and saw that the oats had passed through its system a lot quicker then he would have thought it did. But it didn’t matter. He picked up the shovel and began the clean up, making sure that he didn’t miss a single piece of the green, foul-smelling substance. Every single piece of the crap went into the bucket, and he headed back to Dene’s stall. He brought the shovel with him, and he began smearing the crap all over her saddle, making sure not a single area was uncovered. He cleaned up any evidence that he had ever been there (not the poo of course) and left the stall. He locked up the stall, like he had found it, and headed towards his own stall. Passing by an attendant’s supply closet, he dropped off the bucket and the shovel. The he exited the stable. Now it was time to wait.


*Later that day*


Rodrik was practicing his forms when he saw Dene walk into the stable. Now it was time for the prank to begin. She rode out and, Rodrik breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the poo-smeared saddle she was riding on. She would be back in about an hour or so, and after she had dismounted and walked through the Yards, then the humiliation would begin. He laughed quietly, hoping that no one would notice before she rode away.


*One Hour Later*


The Yards had begun to become crowded. Everybody was out training. There were spars, there was running, and their was mentors mentoring their mentees. And then there was Dene walking though the Yards. The moment he had been waiting for three days was about to come to fruition.


He noticed the smears over her breeches the moment she walked out of the stables, and waited for others to do the same. The laughter started slowly, beginning with chuckles in small groups. Then it rose to dull laughter as more and more groups began to see, and finally, it became a full out belly rumbler. There were people rolling on the ground they were laughing so hard. Others had tears in their eyes. Rodrik himself, could barely contain himself from crying with laughter. Dene was spinning round and round, trying to figure out what was happening. And it got even better. The MoT and the Master of Arms stepped out from his office and they caught sight of the crapped on pants. They simultaneously joined in the laughter.


Dene soon figured that she was the source of the laughter. She began looking herself over, trying to find what was so funny. She brushed her hands over her bottom, and the crap came with it. A look of horror came over her face, as she realized what was happening. She ran to the barracks, trying to hide away from the rest of the Yards. This caused even more merriment and the laughter began anew. But it soon wound down, and everyone turned back to what they were doing. But some didn’t stay. Some headed to the barracks with concerned looks on their faces, and others were headed to town, with looks of amusement. Rodrik was extremely pleased with himself. But a nagging thought entered his head as moved towards town. What if she found him out? But he quickly dismissed it. He had cleared away any evidence of his being there, and now it was time to celebrate. The beers were going to taste extra fine tonight.

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Ah, just another day, perfect for riding. As was every day. It was her time to get away from everyone and hide out in the woods, just relaxing as the air ran around her and she could let her hair loose. Going into the stables, Cuebiyar was already saddled, as usual, and she jumped upon her horse, ready to ride. Something smelled funny, and she wrinkled her nose. Some horse seemed to be living in it’s waist. Poor beast... no animal deserved that. Ah, well, she would never let her Cuebiyar be covered in sh-


“Hey, watch it!†yelled a man as she rode past him. Light, it was Daemon again. She knew he was a grandmaster and all, but the man deserved a smack. He was always so rude to her, and she couldnt stand him. Just the other day, he had messed with her horse, trying to get him out of the stall. So, of course, she told him off. It was her horse, she had bought him, and loved him, so this man had better stay away. Of course, he deserved it. He had better back off if he didnt want something to happen to him.


After a nice long ride, she was ready to get a bath. Light, did she smell funny? No, it was probably just the sweat of the day, nothing else. Leaving Cuebiyar in the hands of the stable hands, she left the stable, ready to go back to her rooms. A few turned to look at her, and they were grinning. She heard laughing, and turned around. What were they laughing at? What was going on? She heard someone else fall over laughing. Light, was the entire yard laughing? Even Ginae started laughing when she saw it. And there was Daemon. Light, what did he do to her.


She rested her hands on her hips and felt something on the back of her pants. Looking at her hands, she gasped. Horse sh- “LIGHT!†she yelled, and ran off to her rooms, ready to get this mess cleaned up and hide away. This was that stupid man’s fault. Well, if he wanted to play games with her, then she would play right back. How dare that man! First, he tried to take her heart from the stall, then he puts horse crap on the saddle. This was not going to be good. Green slime was attacking him next.



**The Next Day**


Oh, this would be good. Daemon was going down. Grandmaster or not, he deserved what was coming to him. She had quite possibly the biggest bucket in the warders yard filled with green slime, made of horse crap, oats, and water. It was all mashed up, and she was ready to attack him with it. He was coming from his barracks, and she snuck inside while he was gone. Going to the door, she set up the bucked over the door, the string to pull it resting inside. She shut the door and locked it, sitting in his room with a chair under the doorknob.


Plan was, he would come to the door and try to open it. He would be unable to open it, and she would pull the string and let the bucket fall onto him. Then, when he tried to get into his room, he would be unable to, and have to go out in the yard inorder to either climb in his window or go to the infirmary.


She waited, and finally heard him outside the door, cursing. Pulling the string, she grinned as she heard the foul substance splash over him. He kept fighting the door, and she waited until she heard him leave to open the door. Sneaking out behind him, she grinned as he was running across the yard to light knows what. Everyone was laughing, and once again, people looked around for the culprit. There, that would teach him to mess with her.

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