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Applications for Brown Ajah Head


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I am saddened to announce that Raeyn has stepped down as your Ajah Head, she did an amazing job for all of you and I do hope that she comes back to rp someday. I am not even sure if there is anyone who is able to do the ajah head position but I am putting this up, if no one applies I may open it up to Novices and such to have a NSW.

Application : Brown Ajah Head


Name : 


Age :


How long have you RPed at DM?


How long have you been RPing all over?


What kind of IC positions have you held on this site or others?


What do you think our expectations of you are?


Do you have any leadership experience at DM or RP in general (references)? 



What sort of plans would you have for the character you wish to play? If you are applying for an OOC position, what ideas do you have for the division and your ajah? 


What are your talents (ie website building skills, spreadsheets, graphics, etc)?


What sort of plans do you have for your ajah IC, rp plans?


Will you be playing an NSW and if so do you have a bio for her?

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Did she just do this recently? cause in the other thread I mentioned that I told her I would do the OOC duties while she was on LoA for pregnancy.  Her character is still IC head.  The only current browns are her, Claire, and Owen (Cara), although it is possible Selenssin will go Brown.



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