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I made it onto the list!!!

el Nynaeve

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Of people who my mother in law refuses to call because she's too nervous. :P


Yep, she now refuses to call me up to ask me for anything, she always asks via my husband or makes her husband call me. I'm happy that she no longer bugs me for dumb-a$$ crap, but I do feel bad that my hubby is becoming annoyed by her asking via him all the time.


Latest thing, she wants me to go to her house all day to make sure their dog doesn't crap everywhere while they go out. I don't think so. :-\

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Yeah well she doesn't listen. Last week she offered me pate again despite the fact that I've told her 10 times within the last 3 months that I don't like pate and neither does my husband. :P


But still I see being on the list as an honour, I'd kinda like to stay there!

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She asked me to babysit her youngest daughter in a couple of weeks and then wondered why I had a go at her.


Well let's see....... last time was two years ago and I swore not to do it again because the kid spent two hours screaming over I don't know what, wouldn't have her bottle, yanked my hair when I put her PJ's on and I got so fed up I just dumped her in bed with the bottle and after 20 more minutes of screaming and moaning, she finally started to go to sleep. 5 minutes later in walks mummy and I asked her please not to wake up the kid as I only just got her asleep. So what does she does do? Right, she goes and gets the kid up to fuss over her and lo and behold the kid starts screaming again.


She is an expert in not listening. You see why I enjoy being on the list. :P

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I sympathise. Good for you for sticking to your guns. They shouldn't be having that sort of trouble with their dog-- unless he's getting ready to die, he should be housebroken. And if he isn't, they should not be going out until he is.


ridiculous, and no reason you should put up with it.



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joking aside i can really see where your coming from, so just the two of you at xmas then? You want to tell your lad it's going to save all the hassle and bad feeling and you two can spend it together without any aggro.


Yes!!!!! :P


And funnily enough Zoph, they ended up going out anyway and didn't have any problems. So they pestered me for nothing. ::)



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Change your phone number, you address and don't tell them. They sound like a nightmare.


I'm with you on this, some people need to be shot, to save humanity!!! But no they allowed her to breed again!


Sounds like she has no idea about having kids nor dogs, they shouldn't be allowed to have them. Full Stop!

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Oooohh, target practice? *pulls out her .22 named Valentine*


*checks magazine*


*chambers the first round*


CLICK. Poof!


*coughs as sulfurous cloud surrounds her*


Ruddy misfiring semi-auto! I forgot to change out the crap ammo . . .


*wanders off in search of the ammo that actually works well. . . and to give her rifle a good cleaning . . .*

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