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Black Tower Blues, Track 1: Black Tower Blues


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Ladies and Gents and other!


This evening, for your listening pleasure, we present to you the title track off the first Black Tower album, Black Tower Blues. The melody was inspired by the amazing work of BB King, was written by myself, and will be performed for you by our own Mmeeshal. *bows*



I used to have the nicest farm

biggest one around

Used to have the best made clothes

of anyone in town

Then one day I touched Saidin

Now Red Ajah hunt me down!


I got the Black Tower Blues, baby

Oh I'm not the man I used to be . . .

I got the Black Tower blues, baby

Don't you look that way at me. . .


Now I'm at a different Farm

They drill us day and night

Logain and Taim are starin' us down

I think they gonna fight

Dragon demands that I pick a side

But I still don't know which is right!


I got the Black Tower Blues, baby

My woman thinks I'm insane. . .

I got the Black Tower Blues, baby

Nah, just a little Taint on my brain . . .


Now the Gaidin thinks I'm lazy

but Aes Sedai drive me crazy

with logic so maze-y

and smiles sweet as daisies

Can't smile and can't frown

cuz Red's pullin' me down

Can't treat a Green sweet

lest she thinkin' me “meat”


I got the Black Tower Blues, baby

Oh, keep that wine away from me

(oh yeah)

Got the Black Tower Blues, baby

Ohh, the things I'm startin' to see. . .


Oh baby it's true--

I've got the Black Tower Blues!

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