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Approved WT bio for Alexis - CCed with an SG aftertaste!


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Username: Alexis Cristos

Handle at DM/WT: Rapture (on DM and WT)

Email: rapture_of_malachite@hotmail.com


Physical Description: Alexis is a quiet girl who is better acquainted with her shoes than any of the people that she might trust enough to consider a friend. On the rare occasion when she lifts her head up to look at someone, they will see a very smooth, fair oval-shaped face with a bold nose centered on it. Her eyes are hazel in color, but will change color depending on what color she currently wears, and they are almond shaped with a tilt that accent them in an oddly pretty way. Hidden behind those eyes are hints of distrust and an anger that has probably been suppressed for so long that it makes her look very tired. Her hair is night black, half curly and half straight, and is left unbound to tumble wildly about her shoulders and back clear to her waist. Her lips are almost always turned downwards at the corners, not in a scowl, but more of a soft frown. If she smiles at all, it is obviously forced and never showing any teeth, it is a sad smile. She isn't very tall, probably only reaching around 5'1" in her shoes and her ill fitting clothes hide a body that is so slim that it appears to be malnourished. She walks hunched over with her arms folded tightly across her chest, unless she is carrying something that prevents her from doing so.


Place of birth: Saldaea

Age: 15


Character History: The majority of Alexis' life, so far, was spent on a small sheep farm in the north and eastern part of Saldaea. Her mother was an older, plump woman who was very gentle and loving, yet very stern with her nine daughters and one son. She always had a smile ready for anyone and arms open for hugs at all times. Her father worked in the field all day with her older brother, tending to the sheep and any crops they might have. She can remember her father and brother rising before the sun and not returning until well after sunset. She can also remember her mother shaking a big wooden spoon at her father and telling him that it was too dangerous to be out so late, and her father grinning from ear to ear and claiming that he had more of a chance of survival with the trollocs out there than he did at home with ten beautiful women. Then he would kiss her mother on the forehead and promise to be careful before winking at Alexis and her sisters and stepping out the door. Her parents liked to tease each other, but they loved each other immensely.


The family's farm was seemingly a popular place for travellers to stop and rest. Alexis became accustomed to seeing merchants, soldiers, and other travelers. Once, a gleeman had even spent the night and to pay them, he told stories and played the flute and juggled fire. She and her siblings had begged him not to leave the next morning, but their mother had shushed them gently and bid the man farewell. In truth, their mother probably couldn't have handled having the man spend another night after

the way he had gotten her normally calm and quiet children all hyper and noisy from all of the excitement.


When Alexis was twelve, she was given permission to go into Maradon with her sisters to work. Being the youngest of ten children and only ever seeing Maradon three times in her entire life, Alexis was excited. She and her sisters had found work cleaning laundry for the more well to do folk in the city. Alexis could never say that she loved the work, but she was so fascinated by the city itself that she didn't mind so much.


Alexis' life changed dramatically three years later, when she was fifteen.. It was growing late and she was on her way to meet her sisters to go home for the day. She had just dropped off a load of cleaned laundry to one of the merchants nearby and was headed back down the main street. She passed by a dark alley and suddenly felt a large hand clamp down over her mouth and another around her neck. This very large person dragged her down the alley with ease, despite the fact that her limbs were flailing

>>about in a vain attempt to get away. After being dragged to the end, Alexis was thrown against the wall so hard that when her head hit, she saw a bright flash of white light before she sank to the cold, damp ground. She tried to call for help, but found her voice unable to work. She tried to focus on something, but everything was spinning. She whimpered and tried to pull herself to her feet, but as soon as she tried, she felt a boot to her stomach. She began to sob when she felt herself being lifted again by her hair and immediately she tried to grab at the hand that held her. That's when she felt a hand on her bodice and heard the tearing of the cloth. She begged for him to stop but that only made him laugh and throw her to the ground again. This time, her head slammed against the cobblestones, and she felt herself begin to sink into darkness.


In her last few seconds of consciousness, Alexis heard a distant clang of steel against steel, but the clanging soon faded along with the voices that accompanied it. She wasn't sure how long she had been out before she was woken abruptly by a cool tingling coursing through her body. She screamed and then all was dark again.


When next she woke, the first thing she saw was a giant of a man next to her. After a sharp intake of air,Alexis screamed again and tried to bolt upright. Her head began spinning again though and she soon found herself flat on her back again. She heard a firm voice telling her to rest, but she was far too frightened for that. When she felt a pair of large hands rest on her shoulders, her first instinct was to fight. She kicked and flailed her arms and screamed and when that didn't work she turned her head and sank her teeth into one of the hands. When the man holding her yelped in surprise, she heard a female voice laugh and then scold him for his horrible bedside manner. The woman's voice addressed her afterward and told her that she was safe and should rest, but Alexis kept struggling until she suddenly felt sleepy and drifted back off again.


Alexis remembered waking up several times after that, but always she would feel sleepy again almost immediately afterwards. When she finally woke and stayed awake long enough to get a look at her surroundings, she found herself in a large bed in an elaborate bedroom. Her mouth was so dry that she could barely groan. She sat up slowly, because to do otherwise for some reason caused her an immense amount of pain. When she did, she saw a young woman sitting in the corner reading. As soon as her eyes fell on the woman, she looked up and smiled at the confused look on Alexis' face. The woman sat her book aside and offered Alexis some water, and as she busied herself gulping that down the woman explained to her where she was and how she got there. When Alexis asked why she was in Tar Valon, the woman only settled a very serious gaze on her and answered, "Do not drink so quickly, you will make your tummy sick. You have been brought to us for a Healing, do you not remember? No? Very well then, you are safe and you will remain here until a Sister decides that you are well enough to return home. Now rest, you will need plenty of it to regain your strength." Alexis did as she was told, mostly because she felt too achy to do anything else besides eat what she considered to be ten times her weight in food and drink 20 times her weight in water and juices. She also stayed abed because the one time that she tried to get up by herself, her legs were so wobbly that she soon found herself getting to know the floor in a very quick, up close and personal manner. Several days after she almost smashed her nose on the floor, another young woman (at least, Alexis thought she was a young woman) wearing a yellow fringed shawl came to her and informed her that she was about to take a walk.


After testing out her legs and finding that they were indeed going to work, she dressed slowly and was surprised to find herself tired from it. The Yellow Sister though, wasn't about to let Alexis rest then. She took the girl gently by the arm to help her steady herself a little and then they walked out into the hall. At first, walking was a huge, tiresome effort, but Alexis found that it became easier with every step that she took and soon enough, the Aes Sedai released her arm and she walked without the extra help. In the hall she passed a variety of people, some were obviously guests, several Novices and Accepteds (the younger woman sent to watch over her before was an Accepted and had explained the difference), but she stopped in her tracks when she heard a woman wearing blue fringes laugh. The Yellow Sister caught a flicker of recognition on Alexis face and explained that the other woman was the one who had brought her here. It was then that the Blue Sister turned her gaze on them and began making her way towards where they stood.


"It is good to see you up, child," she said to Alexis and then gave her a strange look before turning to the Yellow, "Will you be testing her further?" she asked the woman.


"I plan to," the Yellow replied as if Alexis weren't standing there at all, "I believe she has enough strength for that."


"Test me for what?" Alexis heard herself asking, but the two Sedai seemed not to hear.


"You know," the Blue Sister began as she turned her gaze back to Alexis finally, "You gave my Warder quite a bite, you even managed to draw blood. I can't say that I blame you though. I told him to be gentle." Alexis suddenly wished that a hole would open up in the floor and swallow her. She opened

her mouth to apologise, but the Yellow urged her onward before she had the chance. Maybe she could do it later.


The Sister took her into a small courtyard and allowed her to sit on a bench to rest. She explained to Aexis about what this test entailed and as an afterthought, apologised for testing her when she was tired. Alexis thought it was silly to just sit and stare at a stone, but she did it anyway. The first few times that she did this, nothing seemed to happen. The Yellow told her to try again, but she really needed to focus. After what seemed like seconds, the Sedai nodded in satisfaction and told her to stop. Unsure of what exactly all of that was about, Alexis asked and was told that she could learn to channel and would be taken to the Mistress of Novices as soon as the Yellow Sister felt that she was strong enough.

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Well, it's not a Mary-Sue, and she's certainly got enough oddness to make her a spiritual brother of SG! Er, spritual sister. One of those characters that doesn't appeared to be defined by their love of something..

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Guest Arie Ronshor

*Grins* Sorry it took so long to respond, i have an out of Town guest and well, francly, i love her more than here.. :P


But it's only for a week more.


*Hugs tightly* Welcome to The tower Alexis. This is your mentor Maegan Ryanne. I'm a Sitter of the Red Ajah and well, most know me as Arie (see siggie). If you have in need of anything you can contact me by msn : arie_designs[at]hotmail.com or ICQ : 122171604



Again, i'm really sorry for the late response.. a fellow former DMer is up and well *ggls* it's between posting or drinking.. :P i should be up and active by the end of the week and than we can get you started! ^_^

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