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You Wanna Know What's Gross?


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Getting ox snot splattered on your thumb. (yes, it actually happened.  To ME.  No one else.  I also got ox hair in my mouth when I kissed one. No one else did. >.<)



The one my brother is pretending to hug...that's the one that got me.


The oxen are named Gary and Gabe.  Gabe's too ornery to hug (he's the one on the left in the pic).  I tried petting him, and he just about gored me with his horn. *nods* I gave up.


width=400 height=300http://i226.photobucket.com/albums/dd49/mmeeshal/S5031484.jpg[/img]

Side view of Gary, the nice one that splatters mucus on visitors.

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*clips Pallet on the side of the head with a flow of Air*

I just kissed his hairy nose YESTERDAY.  I've never been around live oxen before. :P


Yeah, that would've been interesting if I'd decided to show Gary who's got more snot around here. :D


Yes, Demi, I am happy that my thumb was the ONLY place I got ox snot on.



I probably should've brought it back here to share.... >.>

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