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So crazy times......


1. My friends are getting attacked because of newspaper reports about the pair of them, to which i'm included because they are my friends, and i don't agree with certain things that people say.

2. My friend who is engaged, pregnant and has been after me, purely because she felt her partner was cheating on her, has spoke to him after a lot of me telling her she has too, and apparantley he is having an affair and she wants one with me! (What!!!!!!)

3. Another mate wants too kill me because i speak to his ex girlfriend on facebook lol.


I'm not going into detail about the other mad things going on in my life, but needless too say i hope your life's are less complicated then mine x

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Guest dragonsworn1991

That makes me feel sad for you  :'(


And better about my life  ;D


So together I am either  :) or  :-\


But anyways care to elaborate on point 1, if not totally understandable

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Why can't lif be simple somtimes, it awlays seems to complicated, and very tiring. Oh for the quiet life!


O do feel for you. Best go hide in a corner 'til it's all gone, lol. But it never goes.


All i can say, do whats best for you. You have only yourself to answer to and trying to please others gets you no thanks. Helping others is good though.


Best of luck mate  :-*

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As to the first point, my friend is Tony, his girlfriend is Lyndsey.


She has been to court and found guilty of robbing her Grandmother of various valuables.

Her Grandmother is not well, she split her skull open a couple of years ago.

Lyndsey took advantage of her Grandmother.

Her Grandmother gave Lyndsey various items of value.

Lyndsey is a pathological liar.

Her Grandmother is losing her memory.

My friend is Tony.

The truth is a strange beast.

Lots of people think breaking the law and abusing people for their own reasons is right.

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.


Its a really hard subject to put into words, all i will say is tony and lyndsey have always been there for me, in some harsh times. Friends are friends.


As for the affair bit, I want to settle down with the right person so affairs really don't come into it for me(but thats the only kind of person i seem to attract :( )

Facebook isn't bad, just some of the people that use it can be tails.



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