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Welcome MattheGambler!

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Ok Matthe to answer your first question... You go to profile and type whatever it is you want to say in the signature box. If you want to add an image its a bit more complicated, the easiest way is to get a photobucket account then type in the code it gives you for the pic. If you want I can walk you through it, if you have msn, my msn account is Vorkia@hotmail.com just add me and I can help when you see me online next. or I can try to do it here :D also we have some very artistic people in the band who i'm sure will be willing to create a sigi for you.


as for your second question, you will need to register with our offboard site and as soon as your account is approved, you post in the Raw Recruit thread...there are instructions there, and then you will be assigned your Regiment by our XO--Sir Horn.


If you have any more questions, feel free to ask, i'm sure all the banders will be happy to help you.


Oh btw I'm vorkia the banner captian for the archers. I can't remember if I properly welcomed you to the band yet, so welcome, have some brew and most importantly...HAVE FUN!


*Hands Matthe a Flaming Shot*

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Guest Cadsuane

Thanks for lookin' out, V! :P


Welcome Mat! We haven't had a Mat in the Band for a while, so this should be fun! I'm Cads, the Archer RLO, and whenever you are assigned to our regiment for your week as a raw recruit with us, I'll be in charge of you... *eg*... So get on my good side now! :wink:


Oh, and here, have a Caddy's Concoction, the most exciting drink in the Band! *passes Mat one serving of the Concoction*

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Guest Cadsuane

*giggles as Mat loses his socks and shirt*


Got another one! :lol:


*reveals label on bottle of Caddy's Concoction*


Caddy's Concoction: guaranteed to knock your socks (and other various articles of clothing) right off!!



*hands Mat his socks*


*hands V Mat's shirt*



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Guest Cadsuane

No worries, you got it! You signed into the correct thread, and Horn modified your post to tell you that your first week is with the Infantry! So go to the boards and look for the area that says "The Barracks"


In the barracks you should see a thread telling recruits to post there. That's where the Infant RLOs will give you your tasks!

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my comp died again *stands over head stone that says here lies joseph's comp

r.i.p.* I will try to get on every now and then....keyword try (oh and corki can you tellthe off board site because i was suppose to bartend and run my shop...but i cant so shop closed and you need new bartender)

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Don't worry!


My laptop died as well, hence why I haven't been on at all!


Just speak to Horn about rearranging your dates with the Infantry due your computer problem! He'll sort it out!


And I have replied to your PM as well! ;)

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Hey Mat. Glad your back. Just go ahead and re-enter. I don't think there should be a problem. Do you remember where to go and what to do? If not just PM me and I'll walk you through it.

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Once you enrol in the Band, you are on the members list for good (well, while I am in charge, you are!).


All you need to do is head over to the offboard site and speak to Horn to get your training up and running!


Good to have you back...again! lol!

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