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Interview of the Month: MOGHEDIAN!


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Question 1: What is your favorite beverage? 


Coffee Culture’s Mochaholic (Mmm…) OR L&P with ice on a really hot day…


Question 2: What type of PC do you use?


A good one. :P


Question 3: what is your favorite book/series? (non WOT)


Currently I would have to say the ‘Husk Trilogy’ by Russell Kirkpatrick.


Question 4: When you aren't in Shayol Ghul, what do you do in your spare time?


I play badminton, study, go out to the movies with friends, study, take random quizzes on Facebook, play computer games like Total War and read… Grin


Question 5: Why did you choose the Dreadlords as your initial faction?


They are the best, duh.  :P I guess I liked their class of evil –the psychological, sophisticated torture, great people and in the books the Forsaken thrash the SS and BA all the time… Would you like page numbers?


Question 6: What is your favorite Thakandar Game?


The Trolloc Game, pure brilliance…


Question 7: What is your favorite method of torture?


Psychological- I can only aspire to be as good as Scar was in the Lion King, though… :p


Question 8: What advice do you have for all of the Lightful's out there?


Be yourself; not who you think we want you to be. Also, explore your evil side and try to give all the factions a chance before you set your (lack of a) heart on one.


Question 9: Tell us a little about yourself.


I live in the stunning South Island of New Zealand, where sheep roam free and the water is amazing, with my parents, two older sisters, two dogs and a cat who somehow manages to take up over half of my bed at night. Roll Eyes I had never been overseas until March of this year when I went to France and England for a month on a school trip. How’s that for random information? Grin


Question 10: Where else do you hang out on DM?


Most of the ORGs, but mainly the Red Ajah of the WT and the Band. I also tend to lurk in the Book Discussion boards and I would like to get into the DR Roleplay, but I’m a terrible procrastinator.


Question 11: What is your favourite WoT book?


Lord of Chaos, however I do also  love Knife of Dreams and Fires of Heaven.


Question 12: Anything that wasn't asked here that you want to tell us about yourself?


I really, really can’t sing…  ::)

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