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Design a name for Moi!

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As i have stated before i came up with my name in a drunken stupor, I have decided to change it by contacting the Admins,......but i am stuck for ideas for a new name, so am going to ask YOU my Black Tower crew to help me out by suggesting the silliest, wackiest name, the one that tickles me the most i will choose.............let the names begin ;D

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Silly name? My my. . . the only flavor of silly I can come up with right now is Silly-Cute, but somehow I don't quite see you as a:


Sugar Bear


so, I'll have to give it more thought. . .


maybe something to do with PTL (Petal? but that's Japanese-school-girl-cute, and the only things that redeem that turn it into Melodrama-Emo-retard . . .)


hmmm, will ponder this . . .

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