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Approved NSW Gray Sister --CC'ed by Warders


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This sister will be available for anyone to use, for teaching classes and issuing chores mainly.




Character name: Nyree Caerwain


Age: 56


Place of Birth : Cairhien, Cairhien city


Appearance: She has dark brown, curly hair, dark eyes that seem almost a bit too large for her face, a delicate button nose, and full pouty lips. All together she looks like a little doll. She is as tall as the average Cairhienin female, and her slenderness brings out the doll-like appearance even more. She would be considered pretty if she didn't have an almost constant condescending frown on her face.



All her life Nyree Caerwain had devoted her efforts to only one thing, and that was the happiness of her fickle mother. Mother had to be pleased you see, for a pleased mother meant a pleased father, and a pleased father was a much more… pleasant man to deal with. As one of the many noblemen without much power, he continuously worked to bettering his relationship with the better houses. He grovelled before the Damodreds, he crawled through the dirt for those who crawled for the King, and yet it got him nowhere. One can imagine that that would make him a rather unpleasant man.




Still, Nyree and her mother dealt with him the way all women dealt with their men. They ignored his mutterings and mopings, and focussed instead on the more important things in life. Balls and dances. There was not a dance Nyree did not know, and not a Ball she and her mother didn't visit. All this of course to assure their position in the world. Pretty dresses and pretty pouted lips would surely gain Nyree a wealthy husband after all, and that was what they were after. Or rather, that was what Nyree had always thought they were after. When she caught her mother in bed with one of her own potential suitors, her standard pout turned into a full blown sulk, and Nyree tried her hand at the Great Game of houses on her very own house for the first time.




Not long after that her mother decided it was best to send her lovely daughter away. Bundled of to Tar Valon she was, without even the satisfaction of seeing her plots come to fruition. To her surprise it was discovered that she could learn to channel. Soon enough dreams of being the Aes Sedai wife to the king of Cairhien filled her head. Nyree spent most of her novice and accepted years daydreaming. Unfortunately that also bought her some time at the farm, where all daydreaming girls went, if Faerzyne's speech was anything to go by. With much muttering and sighing she made it through that time. After no less than four and twenty years, Nyree was raised to the shawl. She chose the Gray ajah, because she did love her politics, and despite her obvious character flaws (such as vanity) she did manage to get her way quite often.

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