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Toy and Minion

Black Tower Mafia Game - GAME OVER!!! Congratulations Talya, MCS, and DSworn!!!

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Okay, so according to my research only Liathiana and Whiterose are not members of BT.  Correct?




Talya – 15

Mcs – 15

Narina – 12

Meesh – 10

TMD – 10

DSworn – 14

Pale – 12

Elli – 10

Demi – 12

Vanion - 10


Everyone gets 10 points automatically


5 points to Talya for winning.

5 points to Mcs for winning.

5 points to DSworn for winning.

2 points to Narina for being the victim of a Random Lynch.

2 points to Demi for being the victim of a Random Lynch.

2 points to Pale for Finding a Mafioso.

- 1 point from DSworn for protecting his own ass the entire game.

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Funny how two out of the three random lynches were mafia.


I used Random.org's list randomizer.  I randomized it three times (on all of them) before I used the results (Number 1 being the unlucky one).  With Demi, ALL THREE TIMES, he was 1.


Sounds like your randomiser has a grudge against Demi. :D

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Lia, I didn't thik you were symp. It did cross my mind that you maybe a Mafia. Elli through me I didn't even think of her at the time she was lynched. As for Demi, I did think at the end it was either him or Vanion, but after Elli was the godfather I lened more to Demi.  :-\


But a good game, I think it was unlucky the way the random lynches came out, though normally they do get rid of inocents mostly.


but it was a good game, and thanks Dsage for running it!

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