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[BotRH] Captain-General Application (September - October 2009)


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I am getting this up early in the hope it attracts interest early and I do not have to chase after Banders to fill positions. At the end of this month on 31st August 2009, all those who are Captain-Generals, Lieutenant-Generals, Banner-Generals, Redarms and RLOs will step down from their current positions so that on September 1st 2009, the new Captain-Generals, Lieutenant-Generals, Banner-Generals, Redarms and RLOs can take up their positions (if everything runs smoothly but we will see! lol!)!


So, are you interested in being the Captain-General of your Regiment? Are you up to the challenge of leading fellow Banders? Do you think you have the responsibility? Do you fulfil the criteria needed to be a Captain-General as stated in this thread??


If so, email me (shen_an_calhar@hotmail.co.uk) (PLEASE NOTE THAT NO PM APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED), saying:


- Your DM handle

- Your Regiment

- Your plans for your Regiment should win the contest


The closing date for all applications will be FRIDAY 28TH AUGUST 2009!


After this date, there are two possible routes. I will inform you whether you have won (if nobody else has applied to be Captain-General of your Regiment), or whether it goes to a Regimental vote.


Route 1

If you are the only applicant, I will post a thread announcing you as your winner. You then post your plan of action (as submitted to me), and can also announce your team of staff to help out with the Regiment.


Route 2

If, however, you are informed that there will be a vote, a vote thread within your Regimental boards at the off boards will be created by me. In that thread, I will post the applications of all those who applied. This thread will be open for a few days, and will close and be locked before the end of the month, if all goes to plan.


Please Note (2): When you vote, vote on the PLANS, not for who is your friend in the Regiment.

Please Note (3): If I believe there is any cheating by any of the applicants during the vote, I shall disqualify that person. So don't cheat! I can see who votes!

Once the winner has been decided, a thread at DM will be made to announce the winner. You then post your plan of action (as submitted to me), and can also announce your team of staff to help out with the Regiment.



ATTENTION - Raw Recruits: Unfortunately, Raw Recruits CANNOT vote in the polls.


That may all sound complex! Do not fear! I know what I am doing, so do not worry! If you have any questions, just post them here. JUST NO APPLICATIONS ON THIS THREAD!!!!!

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Sorry about the delay.


The Archers were the only Regiment to show interest (I had two applications). However, I haven't appointed any - but I plan to bring back a Regimental Competition this month, and hope that someone from each Regiment will take up the roll of leading it, and act as a Captain-General. This might spark a bit of interest, and hopefully further applications for November and December.


Finally, thank you to the two Archers. :)

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