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Anybody want to play?


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So, I've planned an rp for the Wake-up Call req and I was wondering if anyone would like to join?


Here's the rp plan as it currently stands:

Thread one will consist of some individualized training in watery environs as part of his Path of Water training.  I'd like to rp a out having a Master of PoW send him on this training session but I don't think there are any still active so I'll just write about it in the past tense as he leaves.  This thread will include training on a beach and shallow water, meditation and training under a waterfall, training with some local villagers on log fighting to increase balance and agility, kayaking to learn to appreciate and adapt to the natural flows of water, and training in waist-deep water to increase speed when on dry land.

  Thread two will consist of his interactions with Mehrin "Deathwatch" Mahrvon (ws 20 played by Quibby).  This will include conversation, training, and possibly sparring with the Grandmaster.

  The plan would be for Shawn to go through his Blademaster Ceremony upon his return from this trip.


So, would anyone like to join him and make it a two-person training trip?  You could probably stay to get training from Mehrin as well if you want, or just return to the Tower if you'd rather.


Another idea, is there a BM or GM from PoW, or a Commander, or MaA, that would like to interact with me at the beginning of this thread to "send" Shawn on this trip?


So yeah, anybody out there interested in playing, I'd really prefer not to do it as a solo but I will if noone wants in.

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hm...how sad I had plans do this one also..but my ws is just a little short.

I'd do it with you if I could..but my ws is not right yet.


I have ws 10 and it need to be 11 to be able to do this one.  :(

And I can't ask you to wait for me.

So, yeah I wish you find someone to play it out with out.


Have fun!~

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