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The Brown/ Green Limerick Competition!!

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Hello everyone! and Welcome to the Green/ Brown Limerick contest! 



Write a limerick.


Must include WT ORG rank


Due by August 16th at 7pm GMT


Votes due by August 18th at 7 pm GMT


Details: Write a limerick which is a poem of 5 lines, in which the first second and last line rhyme and the third and fourth line rhyme. They're usually humorous.


The submissions will be PMed to me and I will post them here anonymously.  Once all are posted on the 16th, the voting will begin.


To vote choose who you deem should take 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, and pm your choices to me.  1st place will earn 4 points, 2nd will earn 2 points and 3rd will earn 1 point. After I tally the votes the top three with the most points will win a pretty for they're signature from the one and only ME! :D


Any questions feel free to ask. :D Now get writing!!

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Here's some entries for you to enjoy! Please remember you only have 'Till Tomorrow to enter! So please do!! I've only had a few who have!


There once was a girl from the Bay

Her hair the color of harvest Hay

She was so very smart

Diplomatic at heart

It’s no surprise she ended up Gray.


This girl was from up near the Blight

Her father had trained her to sword fight

But she was no fool

Her intellect cool

When made Aes Sedai, she became White.


I knew a girl with a quaint world view

She had many goals she would pursue

The world was for her,

And I must concur

My friend was most surely a true Blue.


I saw her heal some poor old fellow

The entire time she remained mellow

Her hands were steady

Her kindness ready

She must have been a Sister Yellow.


With a book in hand, and ink-stained gown

She walks around with a dreamy frown

She knows not the world

Or where she is hurled

Knowledge is hers and her ajah is Brown.


Her blade tip can be so quick and keen,

It is polished and has a bright sheen

Ready for one last battle

She’s not one for prattle

Protecting the weak is to be Green.


To be strong you must use your head

Then purge your body of all dread

To fight the good fight

And sometimes to bite

Be strong, independent and Red!


Dangers of a Fishmine

There once was a mine for fish

It inspired many a great dish

But little did we know

That during a night row

The Bratlike Twins would drown us for this


A Warder and the Force

The Force was not strong in this guy

He did not much else but ask why

The Jedi stood still at the border

Wondering about this weird warder

While he counted the lights in the sky


Wishing for a girl

My mum was a lady for true

She'd brush me up good just for you

A real girl that was always her wish

But the Faits thought the better of this

So she got a rebel that counted for two.

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