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Introducing Aiolus Taragol... The Newest Tower Trainee


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Hey there everyone.  Just wanted to introduce myself as the newest Trainee.  I am waiting for access to the "Warder's Yard" board, so no actual rp'ing just yet.  However, I'm eager to meet anyone who is looking for new people to interact with IC, or who might have any ideas for RP's that could use a new Trainee.


Just a bit of background on Aiolus for any who wishes to get to know him IC:

  • He was a homeless man before coming to the Tower
  • No real family that he knows of
  • A bit shy
  • Slightly socially awkward


Any other questions, feel free to check his bio, or to shoot me a PM and I'll see what I can do about getting them answered.


Aiolus Taragol

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Anybody who wishes to join in is more than welcome.  I currently have a thread posted in the Warder Yard titled Settling in to a New Life (Open to All) that is for my "arrival in the Yard" requirement.  Anybody who wishes to join in on that thread is more than welcome to just pop in, no permission required.


Aiolus will be soon heading to the Bath house and I think it would be a really great chance to show his social awkwardness and shyness if there was some way to arrange for a female character to be in the Bath House with him, either when he arrives or shortly after he starts to bathe.  Could provide much hilarity, and perhaps the chance at one of Aiolus's first friends within the Tower Trainees. :-)

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