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hi, i just wanted to get a head start while my biography is being checked over. i was looking for people to rp with so that when i am approved, im not waiting for ages for someone to rp with.


here are the definite details of my character that i know are okay with the bio checker.


Name: Chalinda Seave

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Physical Description: 5'5", 120 lbs, blue/gray eyes, red hair, full lips and a button nose. pale skin and long wavy hair. (my signature picture)


Birthplace/Current Location: unknown, assumed Andor/Baerlon


Chalinda is currently employed in a tavern where she dances and sings (cleanly). She's looking to travel around the world.



Those are the mere basics that were determined okay by James. I just wondered if anyone was currently in Baerlon that would be interested in aquainting themself with Chalinda?


let me know, thanks!

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Guest Arie Ronshor

not there, but i'm in TV with an Inn. I'm a great person to 'hide away' from , gain part time work ot even to become part of my sets of Inns.




I could always use a babysitter. ;)


Either way, welcome aboard! If i'm ever travelling i'l look you up! ^_^




Arie Ronshor

Former AS

Mother and Innkeeper

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