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I just realized


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I'm one of the top ten posters!


Hells yeah!


This is awesome news, and I feel I should get some sort of present or award for being this awesome. I mean, I get it if you think differently, but lets put our differences aside and celebrate the awesome that is I. Also, I want to make a blog, but I don't want to, because as of right now it seems like a fun idea, but once I realize it it'll suddenly turn into work, something I don't like. So there's that.


Well, see you.

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Where did you come from? O_o






As Demi stated:


And nyn, mr. Writer is a personal acquaintance of mine ^^


I was dragged along here by my curiosity, after Demi's happy trip into the wine bottle the other day..


And remember: Any errs and mistakes I happen to do, you can blame at Demi for not telling me about.


The Pitiful Writer


P.S. This post had little, to no use. But after scrolling through a few of Demi's posts, I figured that I had more than a little catching up to do in that department...

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