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Returning WT Character - Venca Konora - no CC needed


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Basic Information

Handle: Kenny

Character Count (For this Division): 1


Character Information

Character name: Venca Konora

Age: 16

Nationality:  Andor, Four Kings



Hair: long, curly, black

Eyes: big green eyes that make her look alarmed all the time

Skin: slightly tanned clear complexion

Height: 5’8”

Voice: There is nothing interesting about her voice its just plain and forgettable. The kind that could belong to anyone but always sounds familiar.

Other: She weighs about 140lbs and has a very prominent nose.



Venca is withdrawn and doesn’t express her opinions or views because of the time she spent on the farm. However if pushed to hard she can become very stubborn because she does not like being told what she can and cannot do. If this happens she tends to become mouthy and unresponsive. Venca when first met is not very open and typically pushes people away, but once someone gets under her shell they will find that she has a lot of emotion bottled up inside her. She also tends to be good at staying unnoticed and in the background of any scene trying to cause as little notice to herself as possible.




Venca was born into a poor family who worked on a farm for a noble family who lived near Four Kings. All through her childhood she was oppressed never allowed to express her opinion on anything. Any time she expressed an opinion or feelings she was punished harshly and everyday she was cursed at and called names. She quickly learned to be silent and bear their harsh words.


Passing into her teenage years, she became exasperated with her slave like job and eventually ran away, leaving her family and home behind. At 14, and left to fiend for herself she traveled to Caemyln. Venca found Caemyln to be harsh to new comers but adjusted quickly making a few friends as she went. Stealing and conning was Venca’s way of life for the entire time she stayed in Caemyln. After about a year Venca knew just about everything about the big city there was to know, but her way of life finally caught up to her when she was caught stealing and had to flee or risk being arrested.


She travelled for months avoiding Queens’s guards and bandits, stealing from the latter, before reaching Tar Valon. She found the shining city to be harsh on people and quickly learned to avoid the Tower Guard after getting into a fight with a local and barely escaping before getting arrested.


Settling into life in Tar Valon was quite easy for Venca after Caemyln. Things in Tar Valon ran mostly the same except that life revolved around the White Tower rather than the palace. Venca lived much the same in Tar Valon as in Caemyln for about a year until she started working at a messenger service. Venca’s knowledge of the town and its people quickly made her indispensable to her job. Venca enjoyed her work and even lived over the office for a while until she got a run that would change her life forever. Her assignment was to take a message to an Aes Sedai in the White Tower. Venca had lived in Tar Valon for about two years at this point but had never been inside the Tower. A nervous Venca headed out to the Tower message in hand in the early afternoon. After arriving at the White Tower a girl in a white dress with bands of color around the hem told her to wait. Standing in the main entrance of the Tower Venca was in awe at the beauty and riches displayed before her, so much so that she didn’t even notice the woman standing in front of her. Startled that she had let her mind wander Venca focused and put on her best business face handed over the message and waited. The Aes Sedai read the message then looked thoughtfully at Venca, then the Sister, for reasons unknown to Venca, pulled a stone from seemingly nowhere and told Venca to focus on the stone. After what seemed like hours, but could have only been a few minutes Venca thought she saw a light in the stone. At this point the Sister gave Venca a very satisfied look and led the girl deeper into the Tower to wait outside a strange door.


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