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Lord of the rings epic 12 hour marathon, also alcohol


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This is Mr. Writer typing, Demi is currently unable to communicate through the means of a keyboard. Right now he is drinking sprited up coffee, and making innuendo jokes about poor -frodo, as we watch the second film in the LoTR. I as a...well I won't disgrace myself enough to say "friend" but... I'd still like to apologize in advance for  all the horrible grammar that will probably enfold during this night.  I pity you all for having to listen to his ridiculous words, and may the eye watch over you all.


P.Writer out.

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This is Mr. Oppisit of Demigod, you know tall, smart n' beutiful. I predited that Demi would break the glass that he broke, ( i got them cheap just for him<9 ... gimli just boasted of his spriting skills and i am now going for more dring...


Mr. Me out

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caps lok is on


no morehttp://en.uk.acer.yahoo.com/ BELIEVE THEM



whatever they say, its a lie



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And here comes Mr. Writer. I swear this is not a nice place to be right now. And while he is a "strong lad" he has now filled half a bucket of vomit, and urinated across two walls on the bathroom. We are doing what we can here, but chances are he is not going to make it through the night.


..It smells.. But he is doing better now. Hopefully it will all be alright.


..This one REALLY can't hold his drink. More updates will come soon, stay tuned for more of Demi's unfortunate adventures in the wine bottle. I pray we will live through this night :P


He might fall asleep soon, and I do Not want to be Demi tomorrow. Ho boy.


His friends is doing what we can, but Nynaeve? I fear you might lose this bet. The situation is as grim as a certain arm of Ran's..


Much adoration:

Mr. T.P.Writer.

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Riiight.. for those who would be interested? You should not be :P poor thing isn't doing well...


He now has thrown up yet again.. Not in the bucket this time, much to the rejoice of us that has to take care for the poor creature.. He is now -hopefully- falling asleep, hanging over (whoo! bad hangover pun!) the couch side, complaining about stomach cramps. We are now watching the last bit of second disc in the second film, although the battle of Helm's deep wasn't really our highest priority. Tomorrow, you'd most likely get funny remarks if you ask where his pants is. Or not, depending on how he feels tomorrow. He claims to never have had a hangover before, but if he isn

t hungover tomorrow he must surely have the luck of the Shai'tan.


..Which I know for a fact that he doesn't. So cheers for that, and when the films is over we are seriously thinking about going out to buy him a "happy hangover" card, despite the hour.


Now we will most likely cease our stream of updates and happiness and vomit, peace be at your hearts, light be in your souls, and pray that he will fall into sleep soon.

(throwing up again.. Oh my, this really doesn't seem to be his best evening, now does it?)


Peace out:

T.P.Writer (The nice and chivalrous one in this sorry group :P )

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