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Are you sure it's Canadian?  I've watched the TV show before, and I know for a FACT that Jeff Foxworthy (the host) is American.  I just looked up the show, and it is American.


And that blonde girl is Kellie Pickler; she was a runner up in American Idol, I think. *shrugs*  She sings country.


But all those kids are American, and they're smart! ;)


Okay, have you guys ever seen this video?  This girl got so much crap for it....





Ack!  I almost forgot!



Talya is so awesome

She's human, not a possum

She makes the BT go round

Thank goodness she's around!

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Yeah, there's this kid that I always see at the library; he's always sitting watching SOMEthing on his laptop and laughing away...


There's so much funny stuff on the internet... :D



Alas, I must sing of DSage

Who posted before me

And he snuck in after Talya

Who is a glorious being

To steal the adjective

From DSage


But I am not to sing

Of Talya this time

I am to sing of DSage

And I was distracted

So let me sing


DSage is a human

Erhem, I meant penguin

And he is male

Not female

And he likes to spam


Or maybe he loves it

DSage's life revolves around spam

And his post-count

And Dragonmount and

Reading and I don't know

What else....

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