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July Stats!


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Congrats to Talya, DO again through the magic of wise linking, to the BA for winning, again; congrats to me for betting on the winner of the pancake deathmatch, and boo hiss to Canuki for betting on the loser!


BA: 681


Pandy: 244

Kivam: 115

Edie: 93

DS: 75

Barmy: 45

Nae: 38

Damane: 30

Lia: 21

Eli: 10

Rai: 10


D: 391


Talya: 268

Moggy: 62

TMD: 35

Badco: 15

'clipse: 11



SS: 375


CCS: 325

Claire: 30

Demi: 50

Canuki: -80



LFs & Misc: 163


Far: 80

Verbal: 25

Dsage: 25

Zyr: 20

Zania: 11

Nerblis: 2


Total: 1610

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