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July 2009 Reports


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I hope it's ok to start this thread! I'm about to go out of town for a few days and I wanted to make sure I posted the Greens' report. Lord knows I'd forget it if I didn't!




Green Ajah


Jaydena: Head

A Broken Tool...A shattered purpose...


Jaydena, Loraine, Kyn, and several others are outside of the Tower and encounter Corin, the old TG that was involved with Sirayn. Drama will ensue...


Flaming Trees (Battleweaves for Janine)


Jaydena teaches Battle Weaves to recruit Janine...


Meeting a Bonded


Rasheta and her first gaidin come to Jade's door for their introuduction...


Rasheta Midnight Vigil


Jaydena takes Rasheta through her midnight vigil and the morning that will follow...


One of those necessary discussions


Lor comes to Jade to tell her friend and her ajah head that she had gotten married to Kyn...


Janine's Initiation


Jaydena takes Janine through her tour of the Green quarters, this rp is finished...



My Unfortunate Morning


Jaydena encounters her former Gaidar Cairma working with a mentee and a confrontation occures...




A retro rp in which Cairma tells Jade she doesn't want to be bonded to her anymore...




Loraine: Sitter


Something Old, Something New (attn: Kyn)- Completed


Loraine and Kynwric get hitched in the Two Rivers.


One of those Necessary Discussions (ATTN: Jade):


Loraine confesses her marriage to Jade.


A Talk of Warders


Rasheta comes to Lor to talk about bonding Dante.


A broken tool ... A shattered purpose [open]


Corin comes back and Lor and Jade get to find him! Yay for field trips!





Rasheta: Sitter


A talk of Warders (Atten Lor)


Lor and Rasheta discuss there warders and help ease Rashetas mind about bonding Dante.


Rashetas Midnight vigil


Rasheta spends the night contempating what she will say to gain acceptance in the Green Ajah.


Meeting a Bonded (Atten: Dante and JAydena)


Rasheta brings Dante to meet Jaydena for the first time.


Met at sunset (atten Rasheta)


Rasheta and Visar meet up again and have a little chat.


A Short Meal (atten: Visar)


Visar and Rasheta have a meal in an effort to get to know each other better.

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Larindhra Reyne - MoN:



Meeting the Novices:


East (DR) > The White Tower (DR) > Arrival (Attn: MoN, Minisamus + Jade)

Players: Allisia Evendra Mirobell, (Allisia Sedai), Larindra Reyne (Elgee)

Timeline: N&A Retro

Link: http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,46043.0.html

Arrival at the WT





East (DR) > The White Tower (DR) > Shocking Revelation (closed RP)

Players: Accepteds Esther Tremaine & Deanne Heillan, MoN Larindhra Reyne (RPd by Claireducky)

Timeline: N&A Retro

Link: http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,44582.0.html

Deanne Heillan falls pregnant, Esther Tremaine persuades her to speak to the MoN (Larindhra Reyne). Deanne is sent to a retired Sister in Cairhien.



Maegan Ryanne (Aubrey) – Red Aes Sedai:


East (DR) > To be Aes Sedai [ Attn Jehaine ]

Players: Maegan Ryanne and Accepted Jerinia Zaralyn

Timeline: N&A Retro (possibly 930-940 NE)


Ajah discussions and the meaning of being Aes Sedai.



Saline Wastrel (Minisamus) – Red Aes Sedai:


North (DR) > The Best Laid Plans

Players: Eqwina, Sieve, Tai'Dashan, Saline Wastrel

Timeline: 1000 NE (current)


Saline's scouts MoT Thera, Perivar Gaidin and trainee D'Ashan meet up with eight fists of trollocs near Fal Moran . . . Saline rides out to meet them with a full escort


East (DR)> White Tower > An Exchanging of Words

Players: Lavinya, Corin, Saline Wastrel

Timeline: 945 NE Retro


Saline hires Red Guards and gets a cunning plan together with Lavinya Sedai and Corin, Tower Guard


East (DR)>White Tower> While Your Lips Are Still Red

Players: Kasi Duvel (Taei), Saline Wastrel

Timeline: N&A Retro


Kasi's intro to saidar


East (DR)>White Tower> Slaggy Pants Lillian

Players: Kasi Duvel, Saline Wastrel, Lillian Tremina

Timeline: N&A Retro


Saline's going on a trip, sends Kasi on an errand to find Lillian her new teacher


East (DR)> Warder Yard> Never Saw It Coming

Players: Vanion, Edana, Belig, D'Ashan, Saline Wastrel


As a teaching exercise in form of bonding during crisis, Saline bets D'Ashan to grab a blindfold for her barehanded, harsh words and bruising ensue


East (DR)> Warder Yard> A New Home, A New Arrival

Players: D'Ashan (Tai'Dashan), Taren (hardlyaaron), Shawn (Asfaloth) 

Timeline: 1000 NE (current)


After Edana's biting words to D'Ashan Saline brings him to the Women of Tanchico, where they met Taren and Shawn. Talk of becoming warders occur.


West (DR)> Land Beneath the Sky (Lavinya & Corin)

Players: Lavinya Sedai, Corin, Saline Wastrel

Timeline: 945 NE Retro


Cont. from An Exchanging of Words, and Words to a Lonely Song RP . . . Saline, Lavinya Sedai, Corin and their guard embark on their journey after a month of preparation




Interdiv RP with the Black Tower – a new alliance will be formed


East (DR) > The White Tower (DR) > I just killed my boss. Can I see yours? [Red Ajah & Black Tower]

Players this month:

Accepted Jerinia (Jehaine)

Red Sister Saline Wastrel (minisamus)

Red NSW Saya Rishada  – by Jaydena (Green)

Timeline: 1000 NE (current)


Red AS in a Tower Garden, Asha’man from the Black Tower arrive via Gateway to form an alliance with the WT.


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If any other grays get back to me I will edit this post. For now -


Gray Ajah


Lavinya Morganen, Aes Sedai


An Exchanging of Words


Lavinya and Saline plan their mission to the Blight, and Corin is informed of his part.


Coming to Terms with Life


Solo RP where Lavinya settles back into Tower life after her absence and processes the many changes that have taken place.


Meeting the (Tor)Mentor


Lavinya meets her new pupil Rochel.


Meek and Mild or Stubborn and Wild?


Lavinya "asks" Corin to accompany and assist her in a mission to the Blight.


And With the Dawn, Came Change


Lavinya returns to the White Tower after a lengthy absence and reacquaints herself with her old nemesis Estel.


Land Beneath the Sky


Saline, Lavinya and Corin set out for the blight on their mission.



Cetaile din Lenaara


July RPS:



What a strange day... {Atten Cetaile Sedai}


Cetaile takes on a Tower Guard in a knife fight.


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Blue Ajah


Serena Morrigan- Head


Play Me 'Dem Blues


Serena and Estel. Serena returns,broken, to the White Tower after Watchers and losing another Gaidin.


A Breath of Tainted Air


Serena and Isha Talcontar discuss the insanity of the Taint, and other disturbing thoughts, images and events


My Heart in the Yards


Serena is reunited with Thera, her one time bondmate. Now, there is a 'little one' involved. Is there still a chance at love?



Estel Liones -Sitter

Play Me 'Dem Blues


Serena Morrigan returns and adds her name to the long list of returning Blues with recently broken Bonds.


And with the Dawn, Came Change


Rivals Estel and Lavinya deal with the collapse of the Order of the Rose.


Daes Dae'mar for Dummies


Estel ends up teaching an group of similarly inept Accepted.


Two Steps Forward, One Step Back


Estel struggles with her return to the White Tower after a month in Cairhien with Maegan.

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