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MoN Appreciation Week - Infamous Lor quotes!

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After digging through some very dusty archives, I unearthed some rather interesting things uttered by our beloved Mistress of Novices. I'm sure there's a story behind many of these. Whether or not we will ever get to know those stories remains to be seen....





I would like to say something classy and intellectual, but it strikes me that... we're just not that kinda people. *smirks*


*smirks* would it be wrong to start with stealing our own men back? They're bound to be easier than catching strangers.


*looks around and smirks*


Or perhaps not!



lol, stick around for a weekend, that'll change. ;)


*bites her lip* I'm bonded to a ghost...



Which reminds me, I saw someone growing in my yard today...


*rolls her eyes and laughs at Corki*


Never accept defeat, babe. It doesn't keep it from happening, though. ;)




Anyway, have fun, visit everyone and enjoy yourself! DM will change your life, so... *grins* buckle up. ;)



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Nice to know I'm dead... it explains the tingly feelings...


If you want good quotes from way, way back in the day you need to look in the Greenies Archives from the Age of Legends boards... specifically look fro the Green Tea Party thread.

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Good advice.


**Runs to check out the threads**


Anyone can feel free to add more quotes that they have in their personal stock. Lor has said a lot of interesting things over the years. lol


Here are a few more that our own lovely Cealestis has dug up.


Does he flirt as much as our Sam does?




Quote from: U4ea on July 10, 2009, 06:21:39 PM

And thanks! I do try to be more fun than the average scary MoNster...




Quote from: U4ea on July 10, 2009, 06:17:22 PM

That is good news! Now you're going to make me madder if I can't make it to D*con this year... *mutters*


Quote from: U4ea on July 10, 2009, 06:13:20 PM

What fun is invading if people just give us what we want up front? *laughs*



Alas, perhaps it's the menfolk we should be shanghaiing and let the womenfolk trounce 'em well and good!?!




Quote from: U4ea on July 28, 2009, 06:26:23 AM

*grins* Yay for stripes! I much prefer them to polka dots!


Congrats again, you two!



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LMAO Alright, you win! Out of context, that's freakin' hilarious!


And I said you were a ghost because you never show up ANYWHERE! *pokes Kyn* goober.



As for people growing in my garden... *smiles* I love my garden and I name my plants after my friends. So, when I say I saw someone growing the other day, it means the plant I named after them is starting to wake up after it's winter slumber. Here's my very outdated webpage that should help explain it: http://tiffanyfranklin.net/gardenoffriends.htm .


*smiles* and I think that "more fun than the average scary MoNster" line should be my quote... *ponders*

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Here is another batch for your enjoyment!


I'm so horribly tempted to make a wager with that little org leader...but I lose those, so I won't.

They don't call me the Spam Queen of DM for nuthin', toots!  :twisted

I don't get drunk. One of the perks of being Irish.

I will kick your shins and...not smooch you for a month...

You think I'm kidding about no smooching? *arches her eyebrow*

I don't know where Kath wants Mothers.

too late, I can't kick you now! My toes are already broken! *sighs* Meanie head.

beef! You can do more with it and it doesn't always taste the same.

So, ya'll can keep your freezing temps, you can keep your dusty air, you can keep your fear of becoming an island.

He's purposefully smooching everyone BUT me, he deserves to get some roughing up.

I'm scary... you didn't get the memo?

The greatest lesson I've ever learned---

That the people who love you will stick next to you when all hell breaks loose and those who are just hanging around you for whatever reason will cut and run when it gets rough.

That when you're feeling close to the end of your rope, the people who really love you know better than to blow you off and the ones that don't can't do anything but.

I recommend getting raised quick, Danya. Everything in white goes in the moat...

I'm a Navy brat, so I know terms like "Petty Officer" and "Hydraulic" and "Flight line" and "Aero thrust."


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A LITTLE MONSTER! *grins* I got the news from the doctor today, I'm going to have a baby!!!


*showers thread in pastel confetti and hums*


So, I apologize for any crabby-ness, grumpy-ness and general misery I may exhibit or cause in the next 9 months. *grins* You've been warned...

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Joined: 17 Mar 2006

Location: Savannah, GA

Posted: Sat May 19, 2007 8:57 am



*laughs* I'm already planning her outfit for the Renn Faire next year and she'll only be 8 months old!


Add another few months and I don't see why the MoNster can't have her own Novice at D*con. *grins* This one actually HAS to do what I tell her to do, too! *laughs*


Thanks, ya'll! I'm so freakin' excited about this

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