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The cold hearted (Open for anyone)


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A weary old man stood looking at the utmost enticing tower in the world, with the emotion of a stone and with a look of someone who cared less about the tower or it's city built around it. He got all kinds of glares but most of disgust, which he bluntly shrugged off as he was use to the city and the tower. But still he had returned to it without hesitation which of course brought up thoughts of going to the blight. But he pushed them aside for now and went into a near-by inn and sat down and ordered an ale. His horse had been placed at the stable which he knew would take care of it, and the horse were a stubborn old stallion which just wouldn't go down dying without a fight which was why he had chosen the horse from the start. Like a shadow his horse always followed around with him where ever he went, from place to place didn't matter where they went.


The city hadn't changed a bit since his last visit which was a long time ago now, but there would surely be lots of new faces in the tower and the yard of course with many new trainees. Even though he didn't look forward to go back there, he had to report in and see if anyone still remembered his face among the old. There was one good thing though about coming back and that was the training he could get back to and become even stronger than ever before, as he now had lots of more experience outside the tower. He just now needed to find a mentor to teach him the more advanced killing tactics which to kill the shadow with. He finally finished his drink and paid the bartender and went out to the stables to fetch his horse and of course paid the stable boy a small extra for his good services "Thank you, Sir!" the young boy called out as he backed out when the tower guard mounted his horse and galloped toward the tower.


But as he was on his way toward the tower a brawl in the middle of the street broke out and he had to move shadow to the side and dismount. As the few people that actually watched the display at hand, he moved ahead and called out "What's this commotion about?" and he was ready to draw his sword if need be. Then he saw an Aes Sedai and an Accepted coming over to the commotion, but he was still ready as ever before with his cold heart filled of nothingness within the void of the flame. This could be my saving.. he thought to himself. But strangely the two men didn't seem to notice anyone at all as they kept fighting each other and more violently now. A punch after another in the face, stomach and gritted teeth trying to show no pain, which of course they both failed at miserably.


For some stupid reason or maybe for no reason at all but something that he'd only understand, he called out to the both men with a very cold voice "Why don't you both fight me instead, show me what you got." The both men glared at each other and the big man and with a bit of hesitation one of them started circle the man while the other one charged up front. The real fight had started, well at least for them but as they punched and kicked at him, he just blocked and blocked without a slight hint of fighting back. A few punches and kicks hit his groin, shoulder, and legs but he could care less. He stood there blocking and taking punch after another with not much sweat breaking his stoned face, while his two fighters started sweating and breathing heavy, suddenly a stead fast voice called out "Stop it! I don't know who started it, but it stops here." the voice was actually pleasant in his ears, a stead fast but yet soft and tender voice landed near his ears. And so the fighting stopped and the Aes Sedai and the Accepted came closer... 

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Looking up from her book, Saline smiled to see Mina Daryl approach. It was not necessary for Mina to wear her hemmed dress outside the Tower, but Mina's white dress was don as a badge of pride. Mina was one of the oldest Accepted at the Tower and, once you get past her thick accent and even thicker head she was a clever enough companion. "Ready to go?"


"Ya," Mina hoisted the basket of papers.


"Excellent. You know the story, Mina" said Saline, "many in Tar Valon prosper yet there are still destitute people living under bridges, and back in the day Rossa Sedai came up with the Blues Kitchen to help Estel Sedai keep information afloat by trading food for information. Now Lillian Sedai, a White, reckons we'd get better information by listening rather than bribing hungry people in shelters, so we'll just be taking a stroll through the city to-day. Be nice, though. A bit of curtesy can give you a lot."


And so they were off. It had really been too long since Saline's last venture, as Tar Valon changed from the place she remembered. The candleshop that belonged to Rosemary's father was now a dressmaker's, and the empty lot was now a sun-baked alley. But the inn in the midst of the busy thoroughfare remained the same, and it was from there that the commotion arrived.


Saline listened for the tattoo of the patrol’s footfalls but they were faint. Meanwhile two men were going at each other throwing fists and kicks. It was written on their faces that they could feel the pain but it did not seem to stop the punches from knocking each other down. Saline sighed; they were those berserking sorts of fighters whose anger masked the injuries, and would rather expend all energies toward breaking the other in half rather than self-preservation.


She was about to cut in when an old man shouted at the brawlers. Wiping his mouth the old man waded into the fray and took both men head-on.


She recognized the coldness in the old man’s eyes that was associated with the void, and although she was schooled in the Spring herself, the meditative calm and stillness emanating from the old man was clear. Although his motive in breaking up the fight might have stemmed from Samaritan kindness any self-respecting Guard would have come to the Aes Sedai’s side. Less respectable ones, and she had known a few, would have run away from Sisters, but Saline did not expect anybody to get caught up where Aes Sedai have the responsibility to take charge.


A quick twist of air and water and suddenly Saline’s voice boomed throughout the inn. She wasn’t sure whether they stopped out of surprise or fear for the Aes Sedai, but they would have been fools to continue their dispute with Saline around.


“Mina, heal them.” Saline tut-tutted in a normal hearing range as the fighters disentangled rather quickly. "What' this about?"


Saline Wastrel

Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah



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