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BotRH Fantasy Football (American)


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Right...I am getting this up early this year to hopefully get maximum sign up.


It is with Yahoo, which is where we do most of our Fantasy Sports League. I have created a league with 2 divisions (something new this year), and a maximum of 6 teams in each division (a maximum of 12 teams in total, but this can be changed to 14 if there is such a demand). It is a 17 week season, starting 8th September. There are 14 divisional games, before heading into a 3 week play-off season, with the Super Bowl between December 29th 2009-3rd January 2010.


Once you sign up, you will be able to see all the information about the league (and you need a Yahoo account).


Details to get in are:


ID#: 398669

Password: BattleBrew (case sensitive)

Link: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/botrh


There will be prizes for the top 3. The price to enter (Lotto Chips or something similar) will be decided once the sign up is closed.


Any questions, please post them here.

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The easy option: you get a team (via draft), you play the other teams in the league, your players score points depending on how they perform on the pitch in the NFL games, the winner of the weekly game is the one who scores the most points. You can make transfers during the season.


The more complex option: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/football/rules/

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We have the minimum of 6 teams I want thanks to Northie and LedZepMan. There is still plenty of room for people to join. I am now looking for 8 members to sign up. Remember, signing up means your team will count you for an Activity each month when it comes to points.

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The final deadline to sign up will be Tuesday 1st September 2009 as I plan to have the auto-draft on Wednesday 2nd September so we qualify for scoring in Week 1 (the season starts Thursday 10th September 2009).

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Nope...it's the real deal. Maybe next year we can do a live draft if enough people show willing.


I believe you can make changes to your team after 4th September - I know I do as I am not that happy with the defense side of my team.

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