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A Gleeman in town

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This has been in the works for a little while but I finally have enough time in between work to manage a new set of RP's so here I am. I'll have my Gleeman here in the tower for a while now and will soon be posting a big "Show" RP. If anyone else though has any other RP ideas or requests for my character in an RP then post any ideas or suggestions here. So anyways...


"Master Davin Dagonet the Glorious Gleeman beseeches you and your company to attend this magnificant and vivacious event which will vivify your senses but without ceasing to venerate you mind. You will witness verisimilitudes of all kinds that will be the talk of the town for ages to come. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of witnessing a show of such magnitude that you will tell you children tales of it with a sense of never-fading awe. So come one, come all and witness Master Davin Dagonet the Glorious Gleeman with your very eyes!"

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