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Celebration of Shai'Tan (open to fortress and blight inhabitants)


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Ooc : It’s a retro timeless rp so its open to intiates, no chosen are awake but demandred which attends, so you can rp seeing him about, but don’t presume having buddy conversations with him for hours on end. Fades are free to interact inside the fortress, other shadowspawn stay out, because those tender human noses either wouldn’t like you all over the place, or you’d be too dangerous too trust free reins inside. The exception is entery of your specially assigned area designated to show off your kind amongst other during classes or otherwise be suited interaction places (trollocs presume you get your share of the convicted prisoners outside for part of your hunting games).


It was the feast for Shai’tan, a three day long annual celebration in the shadow that ended on the longest night of the year. It was a tradition all the way back to BB50, 3 years after the drill of the Bore, 2 years after Shai’tan had started gaining influence in this world. However these little details were lost too most but the Chosen, most of his followers simply knew it as his birthday, without any clue to which age they were celebrating. Due to Demandred avoiding the same fait as the other chosen, those of higher ranks in the shadow, dreadlords and high ranking spawn and darkfriends, had learned a little more, that it rather then a birthday in the sense known to humans and most, was the celebration of Shai’tan gaining influence upon this world, but the rest of the details was also lost to them.


In the fortress the front yard was cleaned, and tables filled it all neatly decorated. The entry hall was turned into a self-serving all day long buffet. In the halls different displays was set up or in most cases hung on the walls, mostly connecting too what was going on in the anointed rooms, most class rooms been turned into activity and crafting areas for courses and seminars. In the cellars trials were carried out and sentences given after too the amusement of the onlookers, as the offenders where put into the draghkar room or the darkhound pit with various weapons depending on how their trial went, anyone could sign up for jury duty. The spawn class room was made into a sparring room, where wooden lathes was used, both for those wanting to look and those wanting to participate, fades and dreadlords both intermingling.


Outside the fortress things were also happening, behind it there was an encampment of trollocs, with representatives for all tribes, and throughout the day different games were hosted. The games varied from their own races, to hunts for prey that would be dinner later on, cooking contests, storytelling and other performances, and many more things that amused the trollocs and was made up often on the spot. To one of the sides a path had been cleared and horse races were being held, too the other side cleaning of the vegetation was being done through a diversity of OP contests and shows.


In the evenings the dreadlord dining hall was opened, and classically decorated it was set up as a ballhall, those with gifts for music played on shifts during the evening dances.


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Rebecca entered the ballroom wearing typical Cairhienin clothing. Though lacking a hat, the velvet dark coat and skirt were fairly hard to miss to anyone even remotely aware of the clothing style in the country. No silver or crimson bars were present on her chest either, and she wore her hair loose, both signaling that she had no rank to speak of. Almost to emphasize this as a fact, she wore dark blue, a color generally reserved for soldiers. Yet, given that all present were working under the Dark One's command, it was more than  likely that that was deliberate.


Her makeup however almost screamed Domani, the carefully placed rouge and lipstick subtly used to draw in the attention of those that looked at her, the relatively simple cut of the clothing making her features stand out. Not in the way a Domani usually did, but the seamless blend between Cairhienin and Domani styles attracted attention in its own unique way. She was half of each, and her appearance played on that very fact, the openness of not bothering to hide her heritage playing on people's doubts as to why she didn't bother hiding it.




Casting doubts through openness



Another figure stepped through the door a few minutes later. She was tall, easily over six feet, and her skin looked a bit on the pale side despite being covered up nicely with tactically placed rouge and other makeup. The dress she wore was midnight black, as were the elegant gloves reaching up to her upper arms yet leaving her shoulders exposed. A small red birthmark could be seen on her left breast, and it was obvious from the way the dress clung to the body that it was of Domani cut.


Calaun Ontrix Seyr -- for that was her name -- felt a bit naked without her axe, but she stuck with it for the purposes of the ball. No weapons were allowed there to her knowledge, and even though a number of them would undoubtedly have slipped a hidden dagger or two past the guards a two handed axe like hers would have been a tad much. The way she moved spoke she didn't have a lot of experience with the type of shoe she was wearing, and her shaved legs felt a bit funny against the fabric, but she opted not to pay attention to it, much she was trying to ignore the tingling feeling telling her half the people in the room could channel.


Glancing at Rebecca, she recalled the girl's reaction when she had asked her for assistance in picking out an outfit to wear, and even though she felt the girl had gone a little overboard she had stuck with her suggestions. Myrddraal had little variety in clothing, and she had little knowledge of fashion, but she wanted to make a little effort to show her gratitude for being allowed to join the ball as well. The thin silken blindfold she wore was enough to allow her to see through it while hiding her eyelessness from view. Some here would recognize her as the Shadowspawn class teacher, but that was something that could not be avoided.



Calaun Ontrix Seyr

Domani Myrddraal?

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OOC: I promised I would post here, and now that I am getting back to RP'ing i figured i would fulfill that promise...not sure where it will go from here, but im doing as i said i would ;)


Shadar stood in an uncomfortably small pool of shadow, his eyes scanning the room. He had dressed in his finest black robe, brushed velvet with elaborate silver embroidery at cuff and hem. Emotions boiled within him on such a festive occasion. He knew he should be overjoyed, but Anger, Confusion, and Fear fought a war inside him he was sure would rip him asunder. From deep within his cowl his cool eyes caught movement from a doorway and his heart jumped. Only to crash back to the earth of reality when it was only a Myddral.


Where was Arcon? With his Raising, he had been distracted and had not noticed the absence of his mentor until a lack of congratulations had been noted. No one seemed to know where he had gone and Arcon had not left notice which in and of itself was strange...


Folding his slim hands together inside his robe sleeves, he carefully made his way along the wall to a table full of foods from various places. It was supposedly the Great Lord's Birthday, although who could know such a thing was beyond Shadar. Ppulling a fancy silver dagger from his sleeve, he stabbed a slice of some melon he had never seen before. He brought it to his lips and nearly grunted in surprise as the flavor hit his tongue. It was quite sweet, and the flavor simply melted into every crevice of his mouth. Whoever had gone to get this should be thanked.


Munching on the melon, Shadar turned his attention back to the party, if it could be called that. Not many had shown up yet, and Shadar was wondering what would happen when the dancing was to be announced. He did not know how to dance and figured he would look too foolish trying. There were a couple DreadLadies that he might like to have a conversation with, but mostly he could find lightfools to satisfy that particular need, without nearly the danger.


Shadar sat back against the wall in a position to see the doors easily and promised himself he would try to forget about Arcon for the night. After all, he must be on some mission from one of the Forsaken, what else could take him away like this?

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M'bela looked in the mirror, she had been down in the dungeons overlooking games earlier and had needed a shower to get the smell off herself before the dance. Her hair was put up on her head in an intricate manner, and now she was checking her dress. The black silk floated neatly over her, it tied behind her neck, simple yet fancy with black stones sewn on the front, she had no idea what type but it looked good. She grabed her shawl matching the dress, it would have to be good enough, she was not that interested in clothes other then to make sure they didnt make her look a fool, or the Lord forbid weak.


Due her heigth she seldom wore heals to be spoken of, and beneath her footwide dress today she had sandals strapping up around her legs with only small heals more for the sound then effect of it. Aperance was important to uphold, a lesson she had learned early enough, what people thougth from first look could often set the tone of a relation, less you choose to do the work to convince them there was more too it then the exterior, she did not care to let that many get to know her well though.


She locked the door of her apartments behind her with weaves as she left, sliding down the halls she glared briefly at a servant slow too move, but she had somewhere to be and the bracelets she put on with blackened pearls and dark gems rattled as she opened the door out into the hall before ascending the stairs and heading for the dining hall. She sliped in silently behind someone and headed for the food tables, it smelled delicious and she found herself a plate to put some meat, cheese and bread on to nible while she mingled. Mingling was not her favorite hobby, but there were certain days like today one put aside old habits and fully embraced the day, the Lords day.



Greater Dreadlady

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