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The Blue Ajah presents: Harry Potter Week v.2 - one year out


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In two days, namely July 16th, it is one year since the last Harry Potter book - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - was published in large parts of the world. For those of you who were here last year you'll remember that the Blue Ajah held a Harry Potter week to celebrate this event.


Well, this year we thought it would be appropriate to do a "what do we think now?"-project. So, we'll be starting with a reread of this most amazing book, and we'll start, of course, on the 16th, as that was The Big Day. Then we'll read until the end of the month, and on August 1st we'll start discussing. The details are yet to be worked out, but we have a lot in store, that I can tell you.


Now, for you to be able to discuss HBP it will of course require that you have read the other five books, as well. I understand some of you may not have done that yet, and that reading six books in the space of two weeks may be a rather daunting task. So, if we get enough interest I'm pretty sure we could do an additional discussion of the first books, as well. Just fill out the poll and I'll gather the interest and take it from there.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at mortma(at)gmail(dot)com



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I say HBP sicne I've had to reread all the way back to book 4 since I read so much in between and forgot most of it. but I can't reread :( I still have a Xanth book to read and Incarnations book to finish. Besides, my step mom's reading it, too, and I'd have to get it at the library - which it isn't in that good of a condition since so many people have checked it out

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One year minus twenty minutes *g*


And yeah, I know what you mean by HBP being like one huge fanfic. Really, I LOVE it (it may actually be my favorite), but my goodness, some of stuff happening is the kind of stuff that fanfiction pre-HBP was made of.

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lol @ Jade. You can be whatever you want, really. It would be so much fun to do a Ministry too, though. We could implement Hogsmeade, too. Anyone want a job a the Three Broomsticks? *lol*


And I'd *love* to be able to Accio. Accio is probably my favorite ever spell.



So.. how are y'all doing with your rereads? I haven't gotten too far along as I have work and trying to maintain a somewhat stable social life. But I'm currently about to find out exactly *what* teaching position Snape will get this year *gasp*. Definitely going to finish by the 1st, though, if it's the last thing I do. Last year I read it twice in a week, so this shouldn't be too hard ;)

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Lol. What a horrible system of magic those wizards have :P You could go through some really complicated procedure to make one artificially:


1) Put on fire-resistant gloves.

2) "Accio" a handful of a burning...anything.

3) Use the banishing charm to send it straight to your enemy.



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I'm done with book five now, but I'm debating getting book six because I see it comes out in paperback on the 25th... ohhh the decisions! :P


And thanks Mia... :) I'm liking them but I can't really pick a favorite yet or anything. I guess because I'm reading them all now back to back, it's not really separated for me. It is separated by year of course and it's a new adventure in each book sort of, but still, it just kind of flows for me.


The fifth book is the first one I've read that I had no idea what was going to happen, etc. With the others there were the movies, even if they didn't follow the books religiously, so I at least had a pretty good idea. So that made it kind of more fun to read, but yet I found Harry such a bad tempered, whiney bish in it. I mean I can understand why he'd be upset at certain things, but he was bugging me after awhile... lol.


Anyways... I really want to keep going, but I'd like to save a good 10+ dollars and get the paperback since I'll be done with it in two days... lol.

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