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Anyone know...

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Anything about Coyotes?

Theyve come to my area, and have already killed 3 dogs. Ive been adivsed to bring in all my cats and dogs (which is like 14-15 total of all)

My parents are refusing to, which means I have to take the fight to them. Or become all night watch person of the pets (the latter is less appealing cause i enjoy sleep), I got bite proof stuff, and the whole lot of needed things. Just never gone after em before.

So do they carry rabies commonly? Are they pack hunters? Can they climb trees. Etc.

I know its ill advised, and not the best thing to do, but its all i can do (or anyone around here for that matter)


Anyone's knowledge shared would be great.

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Here's what I know:


Curtis Joseph rebounded, and some of the team's younger talent showed some mettle, but Wayne Gretzky's first season as an NHL coach is something he likely wants to forget.

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