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Eureka!!! Dabel Brothers Come Through Big Time!!!


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FINALLY!  I don't know how many of you subscribed, oh... ages ago?, to the New Spring graphic novel that was being published by Red Eagle entertainment and Dabel Brothers.  Well... Red Eagle dropped the ball big time and the 8 issue series was kaboshed after 5 issues... DABEL BROTHERS TO THE RESCUE!!  They are finishing the series!! I just received issue 6 yesterday.  Excellent.  Dabel Brothers you are terrific. 

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That is good news.

For me, I only care about getting the rest of the comics I paid for initially.  Getting promised 8 comics by Red Eagle and getting 5 was unacceptable.  Dabel Bros. came through big time. 


Red Eagle has no credibility as far as I am concerned.  I get the impression they are playing at being uber-media tycoons without the wherewithall to pull it off...

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