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Approved WT Bio - Lillian Tremina - Returning Character, No CC Needed

Quisalas Selene

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Basic Information


Handle : minisamus


Character Count : 2


Character Information


Name:  Lillian Tremina


Age: 78


Nationality: Bandar Eban/raised Tarabon



Hair: Jet black

Eyes: Deep emerald

Skin: Copper

Height: 5′6″ (Weight: 64kg)

Voice: Musical

Other: WS 7

Special Skills: Stringed instruments (mostly), Tiganza (dance), Chop (cards), Stones (game . . . and in gems), has a very good head for business and feminine Domani arts due to her mother’s education


Knowledge Weakness: Though highly active and engaging in the Tower on her searches for the truth she reserves her private thoughts and keeps her intentions quiet, although there have been hints.

Physical Description: Lillian’s hands are callused from swordwork and her fingertips from stringed instruments she plays. She has a soft face adorned with and a petite nose while her dark hair is worn in a variety of styles. The White Sister also possesses a scar in the small of her back no wider than an inch. She has a well-rounded yet toned figure.

Personality weakness: Exuberant about the truth which may not be something regarded befitting her age; although Lillian is not mean she is not very nice sometimes, but the odd thing is it usually works out for her students’ own good.




Born in Bandar Eban to a family of Domani merchants, Lillian was raised in Tanchico when Tarabon had been a vibrant economic centre.  Her mother the merchant of their household while her father was the captain of the guard, Lillian as a daughter was destined to follow in her mother’s footsteps.  Getting a Domani education ranged from negotiation and being apprenticed in a trade (Jeweler) to the more feminine arts.


Her enthusiasm for parties and her mother’s standing with the Panarch’s court led to Lillian attending various functions at the Panarch’s court, and one time while drunk with her friends during her sixteenth year she was dared to go and be tested by the Aes Sedai of the court.  As annoyed as the Aes Sedai undoubtedly was, she nevertheless administered the test and the joke was on Lillian when she was discovered to have the ability.


Having to travel to Tar Valon to be trained so she wouldn’t hurt herself or others as her powers had been tapped, she arrived in Tar Valon and was enrolled in the White Tower with Halvie Sedai for her mentor.  Constantly tested by her mentor as well as dealing with the punishing schedule of the Tower wore on her, but she persevered strongly so she could make her family proud.


So proud were her parents in fact that they decided to go to Tar Valon for trade and visit her while she was there.  Her parents were killed a week out of Tar Valon in her eighth year at the Tower by a band of marauders.  When Lillian received the news, she didn’t wait for permission but snuck out of the Tower and made all speed for the funeral which she made in time.  Found by her mentor at the funeral, she was taken back to the Tower afterward a broken woman.  Needing to both punish Lillian yet also give her a way to recover, it was decided to send her to the farm for a year without permission to channel, and no lessons.


It was a difficult year, with only her friendships with those there to keep her strong not only through her grief, but also from the madness of not being able to reach saidar.  By the year’s end, she was ready to return to Tar Valon and much more disciplined when it came to the use of saidar.


Befriending another Novice by the name of Taei Mirel, they quickly became close friends.  Her friend refusing the Arches twice, Lillian was determined to go through them to show Taei they could be done.  Passing her Arches with wounds of the mind that would always stay with her . . . this was to further be compounded by a kidnapping of not only herself but another Accepted named Elyna by a Dreadlord named Talin Losev. Upon their release of a mysterious nature and her return to the Tower, Lillian was informed her closest friend, Taei Mirel, had been ‘lost’ to the Arches.  A pivotal moment in Lillian’s life, which not only caused her to seriously question the White Tower’s traditions but also led to many friendships including that of Aramina Sedai.


As an Accepted Lillian embarked on her great project, a thesis on the Tower that began as a way to try and determine her Ajah but instead became a critique upon the Tower as a whole from its traditions to its practices and culture and things that needed to change.  Earning her some attention, it wasn’t long after that Lillian was allowed to stand for her final test and take her oaths.


Throughout her training, Lillian had not revealed her aspirations to anyone so it was a surprise for many when she chose the White Ajah for her own, though even as she chose in the raising ceremony she also declared her friendship to all other sisters.  Not long after her raising, she left the Tower on her first mission despite being one of the weakest sisters of the Tower and since that time to the current day she has been embroiled in a number of events in the world even as she has attempted to lead by example.  To show that all sisters in the Tower should be sisters regardless of Ajah and to do her best not only for the Tower, but for the people of the Westlands even as the final battle approaches.


After her raising, Lillian was rumored to have gone many places.  Hearsay placed her in the Mountains of Mist with other Aes Sedai at an excavation of items of Power.  Other rumors spoke of an Aes Sedai traveling in secret with a band of Tuatha'an, posing as a singer and peddling songs to earn her keep.  But, as with many things in Lillian's present life, they were never confirmed. The possibilities, however, remain.

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