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Approved WT bio for Shanara - CC'd by FL


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Username: Shanara Al'Kaoud

Handle at DM/WT: DM- shanara74

Email: knicolek74@gmail.com

Physical Description: - Five foot five in her stockings, Shanara Al'Kaoud is about average height. She is slender but not ridiculously skinny and has pale green eyes. Her hair is sort of a burgundy-red-gold-brown color (think auburn with gold highlights) and is roughly shoulderblade-length. She has a burn scar inside her left elbow that is shaped like a star (this happened when she was four) and usually tries to hide it by wearing tops with flowing sleeves. An avid hater of anything with a skirt, Shanara can usually be found wearing breeches and boots or divided skirts. She will only voluntarily put on a dress for very special occasions.

Place of birth: Mayene

Age: 16

Character History: Born the only child of a blacksmith, Shanara has been learning the blacksmith's trade since she was very small. Her father almost reconsidered making her his heir when she was four and a hot branding iron fell in the crook of her elbow, scarring her for life, but he has never had any doubts about her since. She was very content spending her days helping her father in the forge and working towards her standing as a journeyman and her master's piece until her mother died of the strange new disease that had come out of the Drowned Lands- malaria. Following that and her acceptance as a legitimate journeyman at the age of fifteen, Shanara set out to see the world with a promise to her beloved father that she would come back one day.

Some weeks later, while passing through Altara, Shanara came upon a man beleaguered by a gang of thieves. He defended himself skillfully with a slightly rusty, earth-crusted heron-mark sword, but to little avail. Shanara jumped on the leader's back and started trying to help, but the man she was attempting to protect was stabbed. As the thieves fled with his purse of gold, he bequeathed to her his sword and a packet of letters with his dying breath. Shanara had no idea how to use the sword, so she traveled for several months, living off of the land and what she could trade for by working at smithies, in search of someone who could teach her to use the thing. She had been taught a little of fencing by her mother, who had been a champion of Mayene, but she didn't know any more than that. Unfortunately, she was attacked six times by those who would have a heron-marked blade for themselves.


Each time but for the last, she defended herself well enough (if very clumsily) to escape with her sword and her life. The sixth time she was attacked, the man who wanted the sword was a Darkfriend and a little bit of a sadist.

He bound her hand and foot and, spying a convenient tree nearby, started to string her up. Fortunately, an Aes Sedai was passing through with her Warder and spared a glance to the side of the road long enough to see a bleeding girl, clutching a sword, who an ugly, tall, muscly man was hanging. She and her Gaidin rescued the girl, questioned her as to how she came by the sword, Healed her, and tested her for saidar.


When it was found she could channel, Shanara was immediately shipped off to the White Tower. The Warder, Jaemon, promised he would arrange for her to learn how to properly use the sword if only she would go and not become a danger to herself or anyone else. The packet of letters was confiscated by the Aes Sedai, as they pertained to the succession of the Lion Throne of Andor. This relieved Shanara to no small degree, for (even though she later lied about it,) she'd looked through them and was quite aware of what dangerous material they contained. Swayed by this, she consented to become a Novice…

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One reservation in particular. What was in the letters that was so explosive? I know Sam will burst a blood vessel if we change history on him :)


Also, six times defended against people after her heronmark, will the WT be giving her a higher WS to start with out of curiosity?

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Sam can bite me :wink:


The letters I imagine contained information about the lion throne and what not - essentially whatever you want it to be, it makes the bio look prettier, it is not so much grounds for future plot. :D


She is not skilled with the sword - she merely holds it for dear life. We're calling it blind luck largely that she still has it, she will have a WS of 0, she did not come away from any encounter unscathed, though she was lucky enough to survive. Clearer?

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The letters contained vital information on a plot concerning deposing the current Queen of Andor and setting up her second cousin in her place. Shanara didn't want anything to do with Daes Dae'mar (if that's how you spell it) so she was glad to have the packet taken off her hands.


That settle it for ya?

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