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Approved WT bio for Tyne --CC'ed by Warders


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Username: Tyne Egil

Handle at DM/WT: Tyne

Email: Ilovdalone@gmail.com

Physical Description: Tyne is short for her age- and rather plump. She is not pretty or even hansom- but a little bit cute on in a sort of "Hey you look like my little sister... Umm light- that's creepy stop flirting with me... please..." kind of way. Her eyes are grey, and twitchy. Her dark hair is cut short, for sailing. Her hands are covered in scars from rope burns. Her face is round and "honest looking" - as such it often conceals a mind that is utterly cold and calculating.


Place of birth: Illian/ The Merchant ship Albatross


Age: 16


Character History: Tyne is an extraordinarily clumsy young woman, with severe allergies. All her relatives are in the shipping trade in Illian, her own father is caption of the successful merchant vessel "The Albatross". Her mother was a captain as well but she was executed when Tyne was seven after her ship grounded in Tearan waters. The official charge was espionage- Tyne isn't sure she blames there Tearans as much as she loved her mother- the woman was a Proud Illian National.




Lacking a female role model, young Tyne fought *hard* to gain her father’s approval. It was an up-hill struggle - at twelve to be his cabin Girl - but her lack of coordination was legendary and he wanted her no where near his ship. Some how she managed to convince him in to allowing it... it was a complete and utter fiasco. Tyne tripped over every rope on deck, somehow managed toss her self overboard no less then seven times, and took a month and a half to get over the sea sickness. Her father Adben would have put her to shore at the nearest port, except for her one saving grace, her limbs may have been less then limber, but Tyne’s mind was always quite agile.




Almost from the beginning she had busied herself learning how to keep inventory, and become skilled with the accounts. (or as skilled as any 12 year old may reasonably exacted to become... IE the ability to find out what things cost add them up and right them down) So he began to give her what he believed to be an education; navigation, negotiation and the like, never more then she could handle- but she caught on fast enough, and she was willing to work hard to please him.. Soon he began to formulate a plan. One she never saw coming, for he was much cleverer and far more calculating then she ever was. For although he loved his daughter he had no real use for her.




No matter how much navigation he taught her-she would he was sure- never make a captain no matter how much he taught her. To him she'd never be any use at all... but with a mind like that, some one else could make a great deal of use of her- some one like- and Aes Sedai. It never occurred to him that she might actually be *able* to channel, he simply though to pawn her off on some Sister looking for a secretary- and maybe have an Aes Sedai in his debt for it. (Though to be fair he though this was a very good opportunity for her.. somewhere in the back of his mind) . So he began to teach her things he though some one working for an Aes Sedai should know, a word or two in the old tongue that he had picked up, a smattering of history (half of it wrong), and such things. Of course it wasn't very much or very detailed, and half of it wasn't accurate- but it was correct and heavy study as far as he knew.

Several months after her 16th naming day, he sailed to Tar Valon and sent her off to the Tower with a letter. He never told her that she was going to be leaving, but he never expected that she might actually have what it took to become a Novice.

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