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Approved WT Bio-Allisia Mirobell - CCd by WK


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Basic Information

Handle : Allisia Sedai   

Character Count : First

Contact : jaania88@hotmail.com


Character Information

Name: Allisia Mirobell

Age: 17

Nationality: Caemlyn, Andor



Hair: Dark red and down to her middle-back, has a low wave to it

Eyes: Pale green-grey, they slant downwards at the corners, giving a droopy appearance.

Skin: Extremely fair, almost a ghostly white

Height: Rather tall, standing anywhere from 5'11" to 6'1" based on appearance alone.

Voice: High pitched and soft, usually sounds bored even if not.

Other: She often slouches to give the appearance she's not as tall as she is. She could be considered pretty, but not beautiful or buxom by any stretch of the imagination. Very very slender, something accentuated by her height and almost completely lacks any curves.



Special Skills: None yet known as far as the power is concerned, though she is rather adept at drawing and sewing.

Knowledge Weakness: She's smart but is often too quiet to speak up about useful information.

Physical Weakness: Extremely fragile looking and very waifish, no physical strength to speak of.

Personality weakness: Due to generally quiet nature and aloofness, could be looked at as depressed or cold, though she is very rarely either.


Personality: Quiet and in general shy. Insecure, but not a depressed soul. She often looks bored and doesn't seem to make any effort to dispel that. She has a quirky sense of humor about her and at times can seem a tad strange or 'weird.' She's intelligent, but not so bookish as a Brown or a Brown aspirant, however, ever since she arrived to the Tower she has been extremely devoted and ambitious in her studies to become an Aes Sedai. She's not one to pull pranks on her own, though being roped into one is an entirely different manner. She has little resistance with her peers as long as it does not cross the line too far. She's not a big risk taker on her own.




She is of no great beginning, but not an incredibly humble one either. Born the eldest daughter of six children - four younger sisters and one younger brother - of two fairly successful tailors in Caemlyn, she grew up in the life of the middle-class, living a lifestyle far from extravegance and far from poverty. Due to her parentage, throughout childhood she was always the fashionable one, never in the finest of clothing, but always in the most up to date styles. Her love for fashion naturally transitioned into a desire to follow in her parent's footsteps and inherit the shop. This was of course met with encouragement and delight from her parents and lessons in designing and sewing. Her talent for it was rapidly growing and it became apparent she'd be a very suitable candidate to inherit the shop when her parents retired or died, whichever came first. Her devotion to her craft lead her to a very small social life, one where she was often too engrossed with work to pay attention to her peers. Her natural social awkwardness and appearance, coupled with her almost obsessive interest with fashion, designing and sewing clothing lead to her being ostracized by those her age, leading her to an insecure and shy demeanor, rarely speaking up and often seeking approval and acceptance.


  It wasn't before long, however, that Aes Sedai came to Caemlyn searching for fresh young talent.  Allisia had often seen the seemingly ageless woman and would keep her distance, they were the ones that weilded the very power that broke the world, after all. Her aversion to Aes Sedai was short-lived, however. The aforementioned Aes Sedai had come to the family business, perhaps just seeking clothing, but they soon singled Allisia out. Asking to test her, with her parents approval, they grudgingly accepted - you simply do not say no to an Aes Sedai after all, they took out a small, dull green stone. The stone flashed with a beautiful, inner-light that shined in a hue of pale green. These flashes came periodically, with a second delay in between each. Awkward silence passed by with the minutes, the Aes Sedai and Allisia intently staring on the stone and finally the consistant, bright flashes stopped and a final, dim flicker lit the stone. The Aes Sedai smiled serene smiles at Allisia and informed her that she could indeed channel. This was met with opposition and doubt from her parents and her siblings, insisting that she was too frail and weak to ever go down the path of Aes Sedai, much less travel all the way to Tar Valon.


This opposition was met with a surprising resilience and determination, her initial fear and distrust of the One Power all but vanished. She insisted it was something she could do, something she knew she would at the very least be able to handle. She vowed she would not return to Caemlyn or to her family without the ageless face and a Great Serpent Ring. Taking matters into her own hands, she told the Aes Sedai she would indeed go to Tar Valon with them, despite her parents disapproval, something met by understanding and those mysterious, serene smiles. Her sending off was one with little warmth, recieving a half-hearted hug and kiss from each member of the family and disbelieving looks. Their disbelief and doubt only provided more fuel to the fire, strengthening Allisia's resolve and determination. She would become Aes Sedai, failure was not an option.

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