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Girl talk (attn: Telcia)


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The darkness was falling when Con finally called the party to halt and camp for the night. And not an hour too late, Arette remarked as she got off the horseback. They had kept short breaks that allowed everyone to stretch their legs and rest for a while, but the pace had been tiring. And she and Telcia both had started today's ride already wearied from the channeling. By each mile it had gotten harder and harder to keep her mind clear of worries and disappointments and nigh impossible after they had passed the inn almost few hours ago. It seemed that they would be doing that for the rest of the distance between Katar and Bandar Eban and camping in the nature. There went her fantasies of her and Con having some peace and privacy and being able to finally be together. Tents were too small and there was always the risk of someone just walking in. Con and Brandeis had always previously shared a tent and him doing otherwise could cause issues with the men. So she would just have to wait until they had the children and then... The thought was enough to bring a smile to her lips and lift her spirits a little.


The Children had a steady routine by now for what each had to do, but the only task Arette had was taking care of her own horse. Luca would set up her tent and tonight she wouldn't mind it, because it freed her to have a much missed heart to heart talk with Telcia. She had to admit that she dreaded it a bit too after the little scene earlier today. Still she was much superior company to Luca and his friends tonight with Con unavailable. Once they both had unsaddled, brushed and fed their mares with silent agreement they moved to one of the bonfires the men bustling around them.


Arette sighed with content and rolled her shoulders before turning at her friend and embracing her briefly but warmly. "It is so good to see you again, Telcia." Where to start from? They had been apart less than three months, but it seemed that so much had happened. She wouldn't secure them this time with the One Power for it would cause bad blood in the Children. No need to agitate them unnecessarily. They would just keep their voices down and most likely the men would steer clear of them anyway.


"Are you... are you happy taking the circumstances into account?" Best grab the wolf by the ears. "I did not expect that... husband of yours to ever return." She had never really understood what Telcia saw in the boy with his insultive manner. And who had abandoned her without a word after his Gentling for months and months of worry and misery. He had never been worth her.... unlike Con would have been, she subconsciously added. And therein layed yet another tangled root of problems. She wanted only the best for Telcia.


Her voice gathered vehemence. "He must have had a bloody good explanation for you to let him crawl back into your graces again. Where in the Pit of Doom was he? He tried to explain to me, but I threw his sorry person out and sent him to you. Tell me that you at least stabbed him or something before forgiving him, Telcia." Her voice trembled. "You were hurting so. He's better be good to you or I will tear his heart out."



Arette "I know what's best for you" Nenatiar

Exiled Brownie

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Sitting down Telcia hardly looked at Arette. Light but the woman was probably fixed to try and paddle her like a novice for the outburst earlier. Just thinking about it made her cheeks threaten to pink and burn.


Taking out the necesarily impliments to make up some of Arie's mint tea she listened to Arette without intterupting her. She, after all, had given her husband up for dead so why should she be shocked at Arette's rage?


Glancing around quickly to ensure no one was in earshot and then speaking in a whispered tone she began, "He was relased by a vote of the Hall a month after you left." Her voice carried a very serious tone edged with anger.


"Just outside Tar Valon, a band of Tower Guards informed him that they'd been sent to take him to a rehabilitation farm despite the fact that he'd understood he was allowed to seek me out. Ever trusting... Iussi went with them. He spent the months that I was suffering on the farm with you... watching the horizon himself wondering why I'd abandoned him. Apparently the Sisters on this so-called rehabilitation farm informed him that I'd been told where he was and that I would come to get him when I wasn't too busy."


Telcia shakes her head slowly. "You wouldn't like the names on the list. One I think was on the list of names of women who went missing with certain objects that you had told me about..." Pressing her lips tightly together and her eye lids she draws breath slowly and exhales. Then she returns to the task of making tea.


"Iussi didn't give up on me though, he remembered how stubbornly I'd written him everyday on the trip to Arad Doman where we captured Jarred. He knew I wouldn't put him off after all we'd been through and so... he escaped them & ran off to find me. What he found, apparently, was you... I was gone already." Finally, she turns towards Arette with a gaze that screamed 'you should be ashamed'


"...and it would seem his welcome was neither warm nor sympathetic to what he'd endured either. He's bloody lucky they didn't get bored of him and have him killed... though burn me if I can't figure out why they didn't kill him any more than I can understand why this man took my babies." She shakes her head and ends the 'shame on you' glare, looking back to her tea preparations.


She is silent for a long moment, clearly wanting a second to mull it all over again and Arette, to her credit, gave it to her. "I made contact with Sirayn and Kit... both are still hard at work on the task they were appointed to. More have died or simply disappeared though and it bothers them both greatly." A smile grew on her face as she considered the happier news that the Brown would so much more enjoy than this dark talk.


"And... the other big news out of the Tower is that not one but two Ter'Angreals' purposes were learned while I was there! Can you believe it... and" her smile grew and her eyes lit up. "...I was a part of both discoveries!" She laughed and nodded her head enthusastically as she saw Arette perking up.


"Yes! Amazing isn't it? Light but both have had a HUGE impact on the Tower and perhaps it's future forever! If Iussi hadn't returned I probably could have..." she stopped her happy words. There was no point in bragging about how 'maybe' she could have been returned to her former level of respect. That slim, glimmer of hope was probably lost now that she'd left again.


"... it really doesn't matter. I'm guessing you're wanting details, and I will give them, but not until you tell me what all has happened before I joined back with you! It's my price for spilling an Ajah secret with you." She poured the tea and offered a cup to Arette waiting for her to begin her tale.

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Well, left and left, but Telcia was kind enough to not say out loud that Arette had been kicked out, exiled from home to never return again. Her first words also confirmed that Iussi had really been gone for all those months when he could have come to her instead. The next bit made her frown, though. There were no rehabilitation farms anymore, not after the disaster in Far Madding and three Sisters killed. Light, it was disgusting truly. Those men were rabid dogs. But it dawned on her slowly that there were inconsistencies in Telcia's story. First Iussi had been promised freedom to go to her and then the Sisters had told her that Telcia would come for her without a word to them. Black Sisters... they had to be. But why would they have taken him?


And then he had ran off from Sisters... not likely, no. Instead he had been released, but she couldn't fathom for what purpose. Telcia's glare signaled that she was displeased with her reaction, but Arette met her eyes levelly. She was not ashamed for the least for thinking the worst of him. Alright, maybe a little. But she didn't like the man and Telcia had been suffering because of him... well, because of the Black Sisters. It hadn't been his fault after all, so maybe she could try to be a little nicer to him. Or not go quite that far, but at least be perfectly polite. That would have to suffice. Apologies would be too much and surely Telcia couldn't be expecting that.


Arette shook her head with Telcia. She couldn't understand what motivation or plot there had been behind Iussi's capture either. Could this all be connected? It was too much of a coincidence to think otherwise, but why? None of them were that important really. Telcia and her were basically retired and Iussi was harmless after his Gentling. Maybe the man who had taken Jelene and Jamal would have some answers. Telcia released her as the target of her accusing looks, which was pleasent and focused on her tea making.


Kit... Light, she was glad to hear that her mentee was still alive. She knew that most of the Hunters she and Karana had appointed were dead and it had been one of the hardest decisions she had ever made to include the woman so close to her to that dangerous pursuit. But they had needed women they could trust - or who they needed on close reign like Sirayn - and Kit had been the first person she could name. She prayed that her trust wouldn't cost Kit her life. Already being a friend of hers had almost ruined Kit's hopes of happiness and destroyed the closeness between them. Arette surely didn't bring joy to people close to her and Kit and Con and now Telcia and Iussi were the living testaments of that.


Telcia's news of ter'angreal discoveries shook her out of the dark reverie and her next words only fed her curiousity. An object of the One Power had to be something truly remarkable to have an impact on the entire Tower. She couldn't eve begin to imagine what kind of an item could it be and what the consequences. Why wasn't she telling her already? An Ajah secret... that explained it. The price Telcia was asking for that was too low since she would have briefed her Sister of the events unfolding anyway. Despite eagerly wanting to hear more, she had to do the right thing and ask Telcia to not put her Ajah before her. Telcia was still an Aes Sedai and she was not, not anymore really. She doubted that anyone would ever find out that she knew, but it was about the principle. The Tower came first... But should it really if greater good could be served with some information being spread more openly?


"If the Reds are not ready to come out in the open with these news and discoveries yet, then maybe you shouldn't be telling me, Telcia. I still correspond with Kit and I'm certain that she will inform me. Or you could tell me then." She smiled at her friend fondly. "But I thank you for wanting to update me right away and don't believe for a moment that I'm not dying to learn what kind of ter'angreals they are. Still, you should consider it carefully." She received the cup of tea gratefully and sipped the mint tea to calm her nerves. The next topic would continue the unpleasentness. The world seemed to be full of it these days. No news were truly good news.


She was coward enough to backtrack a bit first and politeness required her to acknowledge Telcia's chastisements somehow. "But... I want to speak of the earlier topic some more. You need to know that I am truly happy for you and Iussi, Telcia. That'a all I have always wanted for you. Maybe I should have been more understanding with him, but after everything that had happened, you really can't have expected me to welcome the prodigal son home with a feast. Not me. I'm the one who, despite all these years behind me, is still rash and always jumps to the wrong conclusions. Light, Willamina has been a much needed lesson of patience and compassion to me and still I have so much to learn." Arette sighed.


But then the Tower news just couldn't be avoided anymore. She wasn't certain if Telcia had heard yet what the Eye and Ear had told her just the same morning. It had to be a fresher incident than her leaving or they would be discussing it already. And if she had received the word on her own, she would have surely told her since there couldn't be anything that could affect the Tower more. "But you wanted to hear what has happened since you left. I won't start in entirely chronological order, but in order of importance." She doubted that any of the Children were paying attention right then, but still she wanted to veil her words in code. "Telcia, this very morn I received word of our relative. I'm afraid that the news aren't good. The eagle flies on the sky above the house and the hawk has suffered severe wounds." She considered her friend severely, knowing that she had understood. 'I have bad news from the Tower. Lyanna the Keeper is dead and Lanfir the Amyrlin has Burnt Out.' The silence lasted as they both lowered their heads and prayed for the two Aes Sedai and the Tower as a whole.


"I don't know how it happened, the man didn't even know what those words meant. What do you think will happen now? How united was the Hall when you left? Will they all unite behind one candidate or bicker like they did last time? Which Ajah will they choose from and who?" She shook her head sadly. "And I'm willing to bet my head that you know who had their hand in what happened. It smells like foul play. But would they really have gotten that bold already? It wouldn't bode well."




Exiled Brownie

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Telcia was stunned breathless at the words. Unwanted tears rose in her eyes at the thought of all the ways this impossible thing could have occured. How... Light HOW!?! She swallowed hard, Arette was talking but she could hardly breath let alone hear.


Too many thoughts and memories... old fears and remembered voices of the dead filled her ears with warnings and things she'd not taken seriously enough when they'd been first spoken.


Madness? No, disbelief and overwhelming frustration at the fact that this was only the begining. She could feel the pull of The Glow of Life, the urgings to take hold of the One Power as the Pattern begged her attention towards it.


Eyes easing into a state of the unfocused she let her mind begin drift, a whisper escaping her ever tightening lips; "...three... I've lived through three... unending, unending... no rest for..."


Images flew past her eyes at blinding speeds and she knew then what was coming. The foretellings had gotten easier to deal with since the return to the Arches and though she hadn't spoken of them... she still had them from time to time. Mostly smaller less important things... but not this time.


"...for..." she worked her lips but the words quit coming. This time was clearly important. Perhaps it was brought on by the trigger of hearing about the Amyrlin & the Keeper... perhaps just how the Creator meant it to occur.


The pounding in her skull told her what this was, the twisting of her stomach like she was about to give birth once more... the itching on her tongue; all signs she'd come to recongnize in her later years as warnings of the Pattern's need for her.


Yes, that was what Foretellings were in her mind... not her ability to know the Pattern but the ability to be used by the Pattern to share what must be known and what could not be avoided.


Telcia grit her teeth despite trying to relax, her muscles rigid, and mouth all dry in just a heartbeat. A moan and violent shooting of her hand to her forehead was Arette's first real warning that something was very wrong; and as the Brown looked to her, she had to know what was happening. Arette had seen her have Foretellings twice before and both times had scared her and all of them so badly that it wasn't bloodly likely they'd forgotten.


"A spring that seems to never come, a winter that threatens to never end... on the eve of the Shadows advance the lost ones join with saviors to lead the way towards day."


Falling into herself she knew that it could have been worse. It could have hurt more... the Pattern, like the sea, was so vast and violent that it seemed no man could ever really see the whole of it but the Creator himself. Foretellings gave her glimpses but nothing more... and for that she was thankful. More and she was certain she might be burned from the pattern completely. Tales of foretellings spoke of those powerful enough to kill... not a comforting thought. Would it be worse as Tarmon Gaidon came closer? Was her gift a ticking time bomb? Creator...have mercy on your children and servants...


Trying to catch her breath she managed out the only thought that came to mind about all of what had been said before the moment and Pattern took hold of her for it's use. "Woods... must burn for new stronger life to grow. Broken Tower... in Darkness... can only be rebuilt in Light. Unending... the Wheel. must have Faith." She reached a stray hand out to touch Arette hoping she understood.


This wasn't the end yet, though losing icons the likes of Lyanna and Lanfir made it feel like it surely had to be. No, this was what men who placed wagers on street fighters in the streets of Ebou Dar called 'Round Two'... and this round, it was the Light's turn for the upper hand.


Now she just had to figure out just how a rag-tag bunch of out-cast Sedai, soon-to-be-wanted White Cloaks and a Gentled Male Channeler were going to help a Farm Boy with no sense what-so-ever and an insane army, make that happen... after they got the kids back, of course.


Light, give us strength...

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Quieting her tirade of questions, Arette became aware of how hard Telcia was struck by the news. She was herself extremely worried and heart-sick, but Telcia... she groaned and her hand flew to her forehead. And then she knew, recognized the signs. This was no ordinary shock, but Telcia was going to have a Foretelling. They were always taxing on the vessel, leaving her limp. She prepared to listen with utmost attention to not miss a word for Telcia wouldn't remember what she enunciated and then take care of her friend.


The words were a mystery as always, clouded in metaphors that would become evident in retrospect. But if there was something concrete in this verse, the next winter would be especially harsh. It seemed that the weather was getting worse year by year and she had no doubt that it had to do with the Dark One's increasing touch on the world. She would have to send word to Fernhill, a warning for them to start preparing for the winter already. And to Baerlon to her family. The Lost Ones... who could they be? And the Saviours? She couldn't think now, the Foretelling continued and she had to recall every word. Woods... Broken Tower had to be the White Tower. It definately was reassuring to hear that the Wheel would continue Unending. They would win the Last Battle or was she reading too much into those words. But they had to be victorious or everything was damned.


Arette took firmly the hand Telcia was extending toward her and moved beside her friend to to support her. She lent her strenght as she poured Telcia a cup of her former mentor's calming mint tea that the Red so enjoyed. Arette drew quickly Saidar and reveled at the joy and vivacity it filled her with before applying quickly Water and Air on the steaming hot tea to make it just the perfect temperature. She could remember all too well how it felt to hold the One Power for too long and that was a temptation and weakness she would never succumb to anymore. Not when she had gotten Con back, she just had to give him a quick glance to make sure he really was there, and never even if worse came to worst. Still the resolve was no solace when the energy animating her was gone. She felt the full weight of her years and the weariness of this particular day. But the day wasn't over yet and Telcia needed tending. And there was still so much to speak about... personal things. They would not divulge in heavy topics tonight, not after the toll the Foretelling had taken on the younger Sister.


Guiding the wooden mug to Telcia's lips, Arette made her drink a fair bit before she moved behind her to work on her tense shoulders. It would have been so much easier if she could have used Saidar and the handy massaging weave she had learned as an Accepted, but more channeling was out of the question. At least she could distract Telcia from unpleasent thoughts and worries by reciting their journey. That had been her earlier question before she had sidetracked them. Arette spoke in low voice near her ear.


"We will not speak more of this tonight, Telcia. We both need our rest, but you need to relax first." That reminded her of something most inappropriate for this moment when her hands were on Telcia and she was glad the darkness hid her face. Luckily her voice didn't tremor too badly as she continued. "You asked about the details of before you joined us. You know as much as I of what the search parties learned. We followed the trails of one of the parties and then continued onwards from where they returned back to Fernhill. And by then we received directions from Iussi... and well, you and came here. That was it in the nutshell. But you'll want to hear about us, I'm sure."


"Telcia.... thank you. You gave him back to me, that's certain. The girls could have been reason enough for him to come, but without this, it would have taken years before he could have bore my presence. And I wouldn't have even contacted him again in the first place. Maybe I knew that you could have arranged it, but there's still a warrant on him. Even though you sent the Guards away, I am sure someone nearby reports to the Tower. Maybe not in Fernhill itself, but someone does. And I'm not sure would I have wanted to receive him from you, not by having to ask for it." She smirked to the obscurity. "Not that he is a package like I make him sound like, quite the opposite and unwilling one actually... but now when you have delivered him to me, I am glad of it. Still... it feels somehow wrong that I am so happy now when your family suffers. I'm ashamed that I have profited from yours and Jelene's and Jamal's blight, but if it comforts at all, it is at the price of missing my babies. But I had to come and see this through... if I had protected your children better in the first place during that fateful night, we wouldn't be here now."


Not giving Telcia a chance to protest, Arette continued with a deep sigh. "I'm not sure how well you believe that everything is between us three after today's spectacle." Her voice was as dry as the Aiel Waste. "And neither does Con, not really. But still he has remarkable faith in me despite our past. He thinks that I am trying to keep it under control - and I am - and it's enough for him. Still, it's all very brittle. It's been about three months since you left to the Tower and we have been in each others' company for maybe month and half. Of that time we have actually been together in the traditional sense of the word for maybe that half a month. Timing is very difficult and I'll explain soon why."


"At first he took his sweet time making it to Fernhill. By then I was about to leave in frustration for having wasted almost a month waiting for this backup of yours who never came. But then he finally arrived... and read the letter. Understandably he wasn't very pleased with the situation and learning about the girls only then. But he was so great with Rana and Cina. He took care of his younger siblings so much that he is pretty much the perfect father. Only he can't be..." Arette sighed. That was a topic she didn't want to dwell on, so she rushed onward. "So we left the next morning and on the way he dodged my every attempt at talk. It wasn't too difficult with the Children accompanying us." Her tongue no longer caught on the name and it felt natural to call them by their real title and not the derigatory sobriquet. The Children with them were good men truly. "However, we got separated from the rest of the party when I fell into a stream that carried me inside the mountain. Con jumped after me and we had to walk through caves under the Mountains of Mist, because there was no other way out. It's a Light's miracle that we survived without any food and equipment with us. He kept himself aloof even then, but since we depended on each others for survival, he couldn't ignore me completely."


"We found fish and later these kind of mushrooms from the caves that kept us nourished. The mushrooms had an intoxicating effect and he spoke then, venting out his pain. He had still feelings for me, but he couldn't let himself to trust me again and take the risk of getting hurt. The next day he regretted saying anything and it was back to the way he had been. Then we got out and I got hurt, mauled by a mother bear with a cub when I was bathing. It was my fault really, for not being more careful and for loosing my cool and not being able to take the bear down myself. But he blamed himself of course. Still, if anything good came from that near death experience, it was him deciding that he was going to take the chances with me again. Despite the pain, the way back to Katar was pretty lovely thanks to that. But now... lets just say that we had a little crisis yesterday. No, I had a crisis yesterday. It's always me in this relationship causing trouble after all." She exhaled regretfully. "So that might have affected my reactions today. I'm really sorry about that and I will try to keep myself better in rein in the future. But there, a long story in short... or not so short. Are you feeling better already, dear? If you are, I am really curious to hear what you are going to do after we find Jelene and Jamal before you go to bed? Will you return to the Tower or maybe to Fernhill?"


Arette Nenatiar

Exiled Brownie

Wisdom's apprentice

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"I won't be welcome at the Tower now, no more than you Arette. I'm sure of it." She whispers softly. "And why should I be? I suppose, in the end, Sirayn was right. I've chosen to whom and what I'm most loyal and I have no reasonable regrets." She manages a sad smile and sighs.


"Maybe I'll do what I use to talk about as a girl... take the children, Iussi, and just be a Servant of All for a while. Then, maybe, when the time for Tarmon Gaidon is upon us... I suppose I'll go to fight just like everyone else." Telcia looks sympathetically at Arette.


"And what about you... I don't suppose you'll look good in one of those frompy frocks and bonets." she manages a half-hearted chuckle. "Con's going to go back to Fernhill with you... isn't he?"

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Telcia's sadness touched a string in Arette. She knew all too well how it was to not be able to ever return home again: it was a never scarring wound inside her. At least Telcia had chosen Iussi and her children, whereas Arette had been cast out for trying to do the right thing. Only the unexpected and shocking news of becoming a mother had spared her from Stilling... but nothing had saved Karana. Arette wondered if she considered the price paid worth it of the freedom of the Dragon. Karana was with him now, she was certain of it. She had to believe it. And maybe he would find a way to return Saidar to her. It would diminish Karana Majin's ability to channel, but with a woman of her spirit, it couldn't diminish her.


Arette touched Telcia's shoulder to show her commiseration. "I think that being with your children and husband and wandering the world doing good deeds would be exactly what you need right now. And what the world needs. Light help us." She couldn't help but shiver at the thought of the Last Battle, but thinking her own future with Con didn't seem like a much brighter topic either.


"Me in Amadicia would end in a tragedy, so that most definately is not an option. As for Con, he is a Child of the Light now and his loyalty to them binds him just as much as the Tower used to tie me. You know him, honour is everything to him and he could not be happy with me if he betrayed his oath. But he will come to visit us when he can. It has to be enough even though the waiting between will kill me. But I'll be happy to have him any amount of time because with him I really feel alive. And the longing is supposed to remind us that too, right?"


Arette shook her head wryly. "We four would really make fine characters for a book. The greatest couples in romances always have horrible difficulties before happy ever after. You and Iussi at least have had your share. I truly wish that you can finally have normal life together."

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"I've got a feeling nothing will ever be normal again... not for us, and certainly not for the world. The best we can hope for is a few moments of happiness along the way." She manages a weak smile.


"Who knows, maybe if we live through it all... maybe things will be as they were at the start of the Age of Legends again. Maybe our kids will live to see a dawning of a new and glorious time of peace. Maybe that's the world we'll grow old and die in... and not this one."


She sighs, looking a bit tired and perhaps a bit unfocused. She spits her words out like she's reluctant to ask, or is thinking of something more than she's ready to admit. "Will you bond Con when this is done? Have you considered bringing it up to him yet? Light knows there are benefits for you both to be had, if nothing else so he knows if something the Light forbid happened to you. I'm sure he wouldn't want the children left uncared for."

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OOC: I really admire your new Red Ajah banner. Did you come up with the poem yourself or did you find it from somewhere?


IC: Arette nodded fervently at Telcia's wish that they all would grow old in a new and peaceful Age. "May the Light will so", she murmured quietly. Another Age of Legends was still a few turnings away, but maybe they could build something resembling it. But only after being done with a horrible battle first. Who knew who of them would even survive it. It was a small consolation to believe with certainty that somehow at least their children would.


Telcia's next question shocked her deeply. Not because she hadn't considered it, but because Telcia hadn't come to the same assumption than her final decision.


"Telcia, I still AM a Brown sister. I already have one Warder and I do not need another one. But burn me, if it hasn't been on my mind. Still, all the reasons why I shouldn't do it exist. Bonding someone you love... Light, it would have hurt even more today if I had actually felt his pain when he took that arrow in instead of me. I just couldn't bear it. And the Compulsion... I could use it to stop him from protecting me."


"And right now he would say no even if I asked, I am sure of it. The Children of the Light are between us just as the Tower used to be. His duty is first and foremost to them and he could never accept the bond if he could not be everything that being a Warder entails. He couldn't be with me and that would make the whole bond null to him. It is so ironic that now when he finally feels worthy of bonding, he cannot." Arette sighed.


"As for the children, even if something happened to me, there is still Calvin. He is more protective of those two young ladies than of me these days, so they have the best guardian imaginable. Despite their past difficulties, I know that Calvin would take the girls to Con, or at least get a word delivered in the worst case scenario. And I am going to make sure that I know that Con is safe. I will give him a gift with a Tracing weave on it."


She tilted her head curiously and looked at her friend. "Despite all the benefits and the temptation... did you really expect me to answer otherwise?" She laughed. "We both are fine specimens of our Ajahs, so I would say that I take a second Warder the day you bond your first."

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ooc: I came up with it. It's alright, but not quite what I was shooting for. It'll do for now. Sorry I missed our sunday chat but I had a *GREAT* anniversary weekend. *wicked grin*




Telcia makes a nervous half-hearted chuckle. "Yea." She sighs. "I need some sleep Arette dear. The Foretelling really took some energy out of me." Boy was she glad she could say that truthfully. Right now the last thing in the world she wanted to admit was that Con had come to her as a Gaidin and NOT as a child of the light. Sure, she'd not bonded him in so much as the weave but she'd broken her Ajah's law in spirit and perhaps that was just as great of a crime.


She could hardly look at Arette now. Arette had always been a good Sister... supportive of the Tower, a GREAT Keeper... perhaps her name would be legendary one day, and a steller Brown. While she... she would forever be known as the failure Red. Telcia Sedai would be lucky if she was remembered for bad things... if anything at all.


Looking crestfallen and exhausted she gave her Sister a quick hug, never meeting her eyes again, and with shoulders drooped made for sleep.

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OOC: Oh, your anniversary! I had forgotten that. *smacks herself* Congratulations. :) I am so glad to hear that you had a great time. It must have been good to get elsewhere for a while and just be alone with Randy. I hope that the place had a nice bath. *g*


IC: Telcia looked so forlorn and slumped with tiredness that Arette's heart ached. She had been selfish to keep her up with chatter after all the channeling she had done today and now the Foretelling. And she could feel the effects of her own Healing and channeling weighing on her too. But she had a slight suspicion that exhaustion wasn't all that ailed her friend. She knew Telcia too well and she sensed that she was hiding something. Maybe to protect her or maybe because she didn't want to bring up the topic anymore tonight.


She returned the embrace warmly and brushed a lock of Telcia's hair that had fallen behind her ear. "Sweet dreams, Telcia. I am sorry that I have kept you up unnecessarily. We have plenty of time to catch up and talk still."


"Only... just remember that you can always speak to me about anything that bothers you. Promise that?"


"You are not alone anymore, Telcia. You have Iussi, Con and me." She quoted something that she had once said to the young woman Telcia had been in possibly the direst moment of her life after the kidnap and rape. "Hard breaks, but strong endures because the strong one knows when to bend and rely on support of others."


She looked intensely at Telcia before standing up. "Just an instinct and forgive me if I have erred. I will head to sleep myself now too. Sleep well, my friend."


Arette Nenatiar

Exiled Brown Sister

Bonded to Calvin Gaidin

Mother of Karana and Telcina

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