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Approved WT Bio - Evanen Phaedrin -WK CCd

Quisalas Selene

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Basic Information

Handle : Tai’Dashan

Character Count : 1


Character Information

Name: Evanen (Ee-van-en) Phaedrein (Fay-drain)

Age:  16

Nationality:  Andoran (Whitebridge)



Hair:  Blonde with hints of red in the sunlight.

Eyes:  A shockingly vivid blue. One might debate that they are Blue-green

Skin:  Fair

Height: 5’2

Voice:  A light pleasant Alto. Somewhat soft, it borders on sultry when she is passionate about something.

Other: Evanen could be described as willowy by some. She is not overly busty, nor does she have wide hips. She is a pretty little thing but often spoils it when her height is remarked on




Special Skills: None to really speak of, she is very friendly and pretty. Because of this she gets along well with others as a general rule.

Knowledge Weakness: She is definitely no genius, but she has above average intelligence.

Physical Weakness: She is shorter than most, if that can be considered a weakness.

Personality weakness:  While pretty and intelligent, she is touchy to a fault about her height. It is one of the things that can turn her normally pleasant and friendly personality quickly sour. Generally others regard her as childish and immature when she gets angry over even an offhanded comment regarding her height. In addition to this, she has developed a block. She is incapable of channeling unless out of a completely altruistic motivation, when someone is in dire need. For instance If someone were about to be grievously hurt, or if a slave were being beaten in front of her.



Evanen (Eve to her close friends) has always been the kind, pleasant girl in the neighborhood. She is well liked and quick with a smile. Because of her looks she gets attention from boys but is never overly flirty. She is very open and honest. She is always ready to make new friends. Being young and foolish, she is somewhat shocked and hurt when others are not kind as she has a somewhat idealized view of the world.



Evanen was raised in Whitebridge. She grew up with her parents (Taireen and Hervil Phaedrein) and two younger sisters (Sadinen and Cisalen). For the first fourteen years of her life, their grandmother Romarlata Maraiyahen lived with them as well. She died peacefully in her sleep, but the loss was devastating to Evanen. The night of her grandmother’s death, a fire broke out in a barn near Eve’s home. She was set upon shortly after by chills and fever. Miraculously before the Wisdom could be sent for, she recovered as if it had never happened. She never spoke of the night Romarlata died, her parents considered it merely grief. In the two years until her fourteenth birthday the sickness only happened a handful of times more. During the last such “episode” a Blue sister on her way through Whitebridge heard of the girl and came to see her. Confirming that she had the Spark inborn, she explained as much to her family. The reactions varied within her home. Her parents reacted out of fear, shamefully begging the Aes Sedai to take their daughter away, under the pretense that she would be taken to the Tower where she would be safe. Her sisters wanted nothing to do with her and regarded her as if she had some catching disease. So at the age of 16 she was taken to the tower for her own safety.

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