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When she's bored, she gets... interesting. [Attn Halvie!]


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Sunlight filtered through the window, and a shadow passed over it making Kaylan look up from her notebook. She'd been sitting in her rooms for over an hour, thinking and writing and trying to decide what to do with herself. She'd finally managed to destroy half of her study samples, and she was getting bored playing with the rest of them. The truth of it was that she was just bored - she'd been stuck in the Tower for so long that it was ridiculous - ever since she had first become Aes Sedai Kaylan had spent far more time out in the world. Being cooped up for so long made her irritable.


With an overexaggerated sigh, the Green Sister slammed her book shut and left her rooms, her head held high and proud. Just because she had nothing to do, there was no reason for her to look like she had nothing to do. No, best to keep up appearances, especially with the state of things these days. Kaylan was no stranger to scandal, it was true, but all the political machinations that came of it could be so tiresome. She had no patience for dancing about manipulating the truth and presenting a face. Perhaps there was a new novice she could terrorise. The thought brought a half smile to her face.


Setting chores was never as fun when they were completely unknown to you, and everyone Kaylan had been a novice with was long Aes Sedai, or long gone. No-one stayed a novice for centuries, it simply didn't make sense. Still, it always had been fun setting pointless chores for the little girls who managed to cross her. Recluse or absent as she mainly was, they had to have a special talent to achieve that.


As she walked through the halls of the Green Ajah, she suddenly had a thought. Spinning on her heel and heading toward the rooms of the newly raised, Kaylan approached one of the doors and rapped on it briskly. As her hands performed the motion, she thought about the traps that Muirenn set around her room and the wards on her own, and reminded herself to think. These younger ones seemed to be far too concerned with Daes Dae'mar for expectations to be relied upon.


When the door opened, Kaylan spoke briskly.

"Greetings, Sister. Halvie, I would very much like it if we could share tea sometime." No point dancing around it - she did like tea, and perhaps playing with a new Sister would be more fun than a new novice. One needed assistants on trips through the lands, after all, to carry bags and keep alcohol consumption in check. And Light knew Kaylan's Warders weren't particularly good for that job.



Sister of the Green

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~’*’~ A moment of confusion, of miscommunication; a simple matter of narcissism & shattered emotions… then all hell had broken loose. Weeping more like a child than a woman, she buried her auburn crown head deep in the goose-feathered pillow. It took more will than she currently possessed to eradicate the vivid scenes from her mind; it required a better person to do such a thing. What had possessed her to place her position, her career, in such terrible jeopardy? The worse was far from over and there was still much to be done. All the years of meticulous planning… gone. Worthless. She would have to start from scratch, to rebuild her all too fragile reputation throughout the Ajah. Thank the Light the whole tower did not know of it though with eyes and ears ever present in her world, she would not care to bet on that. Why? A fresh wave of misery & grief hit her. Why had she done it? How could she be so dumb?


~’*’~ But there was hope yet. It was not over. All she needed was a little solitude to recollect her thoughts, pick up the loose ends of many a political piece, and continue. Foolish she might be, but coward she most certainly was not. She refused to allow her vows to another, decades past, be broken. Despite the person not being able to watch her honour her vows. No; because she could not. Halvie had only a shadow of a recollection of that day now, but the words… they had not faded. Obsession had driven her over to transcend her limits by simply repeating those vows, childishly simple but enough to carry her through many hardships. It had brought her this far; it could bring her further. She would be a shining jewel in the tower, the bright untainted beacon for the downcast, the catalyst. It was not too big an ambition for someone as determined as her. It had never been.



~’*’~ The abrupt knock caused her heart to skip a beat; all constructed concepts & theories fleeing her mind in an instance. Surely, surely she couldn’t already have returned to inflict further psychological damage; but it would be so like her. Whoever it was that sought to enter her sanctuary however, albeit a temporary one, would doubtlessly have little appreciation for waiting long. Her visitor was a shock. Her greeting robbed her of speech. “Greetings… Sister,†Halvie responded somewhat less confidently as she would have desired. Why had Kaylan come, and so early at that, so unexpectedly? What were the appropriate protocols during such events; the rules had all escaped her and it became one of those rare times when her mind drew a complete blank. The Green could not possibly be serious with her proposal; Halvie herself had dared not hope too much during the brief exchange of words. Was this to be an omen? Kaylan Sedai’s reputation was widespread and she greatly valued those with knowledge and experience she lacked herself.


~’*’~ A miraculous intervention, a chance to escape the machinations of the tower temporarily. Expand her horizon. Make contacts. Learn to lead a battle beside a true Green. Nothing would deter her from seizing this opportunity; she would obliterate the fools who dared.


“I’m honoured, and accept your invitation. When shall it be?â€


Halvie Sedai

Rejected Aspirant of the Green Ajah

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A more politically minded woman would probably wonder at the reasons behind Halvie's quick acceptance. There were a myriad of reasons that could have caused it, but Kaylan had long ago given up on plots and schemes. So instead of dwelling upon it, she smiled at her Sister.


"Anytime, really... Shall we say this afternoon, around... third bell?" That wasn't far off, but it gave her plenty of time to order a tea tray and get her room in order. There were plans to make, things to fetch and do before she could leave the Tower, instructions to leave and items to organise. Some of the things in her room were dangerous, and she needed to make sure that they would be safe - and that the people who came near would be safe.


With her head full of plans, Kaylan awaited Halvie's answer before speaking again. "I shall see you then, Sister." With another smile, and a nod, the older Green left the room, comandeering one of the novices who looked to be trying to find away out of her chores, and sent her down for a tea tray and a basket of pastries and things. Then, she returned to her room and began packing, writing a list of things that she would need to pick up in Tar Valon as she went.



Only a shortie, sorry, but the inspiration is still... unpredictable

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