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How freaking lucky can you get?


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So, I was on my way to the local pool, i was going to ride my bike and my sister had already left a while ago, leaving the dog insdie with me so she did not follow her. About a half hour later, I go outside and take my bike, bringing my dog out with me. I start walking up my quarter mile lane with bike in tow, because it is a very steep lane, and my dog starts following me. I say, "No, go home, dont follow me."

She refuses to listen.

We went through this little game for about 50 feet, me walking ten feet, turning around to see that she stayed, only to see her the same amount of distance away as the last time i turned around. Finally, i hid in a nearby tree, hoping that she was dumb enough to think i had dissapeard or something and stayed there for 2 minutes. I walked out, and seeing my dog nowhere to be found, i expected her to be inside her dog house, and i happily trotted along, thinking that man had once again triumphed over beast. I reached the top of my lane and got on my bike, and started doing what you do on a bike, biking. about halfway to the local watering hole, my breaks gave out, and i found myself knee first into a tree. Ouch. In pain but with determenation to fix these thing, i went to look at the breaks...The wire had snapped completely in half...Damn.

So, i found myself walking back home, bike in tow, and as i got out of the woods where i was in, this is near my house, i see my dog in the middle of the road...it seems that beast had outwitted man. However, beast is still to dumb to realize that a 2000 pound hunk of metal hurtling towards you at 60 mph could blow your brain out your ass. Luckily, she did not get hurt by any cars because i called her over and put her on the side of the road, stupid dog. So I say that im freaking lucky that my brakes gave out today...

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