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Valor and other good things, Attn: FL BoE survivors


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"… Her Illuminated Majesty Queen Leilwinn Jasma, Shield of the North, Sword of the Blightborder."


Leilwinn stepped out from the cool interior of the palace onto the polished white marble of the north terrace to applause and even a few whistles which surprised but amused her. She could hear the rustle of her black silk skirts and the soft clicking of her slippers on the marble, her slow and even breaths and her steady heartbeat. To her, delivering an address was a performance, a holy thing. The words had pitch and timber and everything from the carriage of her body to the tilt of her smile played together to create a memorable experience for the audience. One that could make or break the future. She had inspired men to risk their lives for her with just her words. She had started a revolution with them.


Beneath the high terrace stretched and impossible expanse of cool green grass lined with cloth draped benches. An hour earlier when she had walked the stage, they had been empty. Now, every single one was filled and there were more people crowded to the back. It was warmer than it had been an hour ago. Mostly it was the sun, but the people accounted for some of the heat as well. During her walk she had had to cover her shoulders to keep the chill off, but now her skin was warm in the sunlight and she was glad she had opted for a lighter gown.


Her chocolate brown hair was pulled up and crowned with a simple diadem that glinted in the sun. Her pale face wore a genuine smile, one that conveyed both joy and pride, not in herself, but in those she was about to address. She stopped on her mark and waited, just a moment, before drawing a breath to speak. As if cued, the people below quieted gradually, the taper of the applause segueing seamlessly into her first words.


"There is a time in every man’s life that he is called upon to do more than he ever considered possible. There is a time in every woman’s life that she must stand against something surely more powerful than she. There is a time in the life of every one of us that we must rise up and carry upon our backs the burden of the Light, the safety of the innocent."


Leilwinn paused for the applause that followed. The speech ebbed and flowed like the tides of the ocean, powerful and yet with a natural rhythm. She went on.


"One week ago, the people in this city faced a horrible enemy, one that could not be predicted nor imagined, explained nor reasoned, managed nor controlled. And yet amidst the fear and confusion, the people in this city rose up. They rose up from their shops, from their homes, from the streets, from their celebrations. They rose up and faced what no mortal should have to face, unimaginable evil." The silence among the audience was heavy and Leilwinn left it to weigh on them for a beat.


"Some fell answering the call of the Light. On that black day many of you saw your husbands or wives, sons or daughters, friends or loved ones for the last time. You have wept and mourned for them, as have I. The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills and often threads are cut too soon for our liking. But weep not forever in remembrance of your loved ones. Their memories will live on for many generations for their heroism in the face of evil and their valiant service to the throne of Saldaea. This I promise you. None will be forgotten." Again she paused.


"And to those of you gathered today I offer my most sincere gratitude. You have all bravely upheld the Light, protected the innocent, and saved my own life, for which I, and in turn my nations, will be eternally grateful. May the Light always shine on Caemlyn, her dutiful citizens, and all those who faced the day of terror bravely." Leilwinn gave a gracious nod as the crowd applauded. She could see some faces she remembered from that fateful day. They were clean now, free of gore and grime, but something of the day lingered on them.

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